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Oct 13, 2006 02:31 PM

Help...reasonable upper west side elderly friendly....

What's new for good food..not too expensive. We've done Time Cafe (which is gone) French Roast, Malaysian Grill, a couple of Italian restaurants, the names of which I can't remember. Also done the early bird special at Ouest. My mother is in her 90's, so we need a bathroom on the same level and it's an early dinner. French, Italian, American is fine.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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  1. Good Enough To Eat, on 84th and Amsterdam, better known for its breakfast, has straight-ahead comfort American food and is usually relatively quiet at dinnertime. Not great food, but very pleasant. Inexpensive and informal.

    1. Early evenings at GETE are often noisy with kids (I know, I go there with mine sometimes) and the bathrooms are up a couple steps.

      I do agree with Dave's assessment of the food and mood.

      One place that might suit is Bistro Citron, Columbus and 83. French bistro food (excellent mussels, hanger steak, duck) and bathrooms are same level. There is a shallow ramp to get in, but that should not be insurmountable.

      Another possibility is Fred's (Amst. and 83). American food, friendly staff. Bathrooms are small but same level. Also may have lots of kids. I like the food at dinner better at Fred's than at GETE, and it's similar stuff.

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      1. re: plf515

        I like the food a little better at Fred's, too, but in my experience, it's noisier than GETE, and sometimes more elbow-to-elbow (although the four-tops on the far side are roomy) and there are steps down to get to the entrance.

        It has been more than ten years since I stepped into Popover Cafe. Is the food edible there these days? Might this be appropriate for an elderly mom?

        1. re: Dave Feldman

          Popovers is much better for brunch

          You're right about the steps down at Fred's.....hard to think of a place that meets all the criteria:

          Not noisy for early dinner
          No steps
          Decent food

          The UWS is filled with kids (we have two) and rent is so expensive that nearly all restaurants have bathrooms downstairs.

          If the person doesn't insist on American, there is a Turkish place called Zeytin on 86 and Columbus. Haven't been there for early dinner, but it's not the sort of place a lot of people would bring kids, and there are no steps.

          As for noise....GETE vs. Fred's.....well, neither is quiet. :-)

      2. Have to second Dave on Fred's - better known to me and my crew as "the place with all the kids." We visit frequently during the early evening and ours is usually the only one of three or four parties that does not contain one or more under-5. And he is right about the steps down to the entrance.

        1. I think the dinner menu at Popover is pretty good (though I agree it's not up to their brunch menu). I think an elderly woman would appreciate the decor, though, and there are no steps that I can think of.

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          1. re: pcwd

            Dinner at Popover's has a very strange energy. I'm thinking of my Mom who is approaching 80-- she likes Vince & Eddies and Cafe Boite en Bois -both right near each other in the Lincoln Center Area, though I think both might have a couple of steps down to get into the restaurant. I hear Bistro Citron is great - though I haven't been, and don't know how the prices compare. There is also a French place called Alouette on Bway betw 97th & 98th. They've got a couple of floors for dining, but I believe the bathrooms are on the main floor (you'd have to check).

            1. re: martigrl

              Bistor Citron is good, and bathrooms are on same level; there is a ramp at the entrancce.

              Prices are a bit higher than most of the places we've been discussing, but not astronomical.

              As for noise, though, it's pretty noisy. Not just because of kids (although there are kids, not as many as Fred's) but it's a noisy place (unlike Fred's there is music).