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Oct 13, 2006 02:18 PM

Morningstar corn dogs....yay or nay?

I'm not a vegetarian but in an effort to eat better I occasionally enjoy the Morningstar Buffalo Chicken Nuggets and their burgers and was wondering if the corn dogs are any good? I love hot dogs but damn they are bad for you.

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  1. I like them and I'm not vegetarian either. I've always really liked veggie dogs though so I guess it depends on if you like those.

    1. I am not a vegetarian but the only chicken nuggets I will even touch are the Morningstar brand. I even fed them to nieces and nephews who had no clue they were meatless. Their steak strips are wonderful too, you just need to be careful not to overcook them.

      1. I'm not a vegetarian and I have a box of them now in my freezer. They are pretty good and taste like the real thing. My only suggestion is to not cook them in the microwave.

        1. Big "yeah" for most things morningstar (despite ADM's ownership). As a reformed vegetarian, I still occasionally eat the veggie corn dogs. I also love the chicken patties and buffalo wings.

          1. They are much better than the Trader Joe's veggie corndogs.