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Morningstar corn dogs....yay or nay?

I'm not a vegetarian but in an effort to eat better I occasionally enjoy the Morningstar Buffalo Chicken Nuggets and their burgers and was wondering if the corn dogs are any good? I love hot dogs but damn they are bad for you.

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  1. I like them and I'm not vegetarian either. I've always really liked veggie dogs though so I guess it depends on if you like those.

    1. I am not a vegetarian but the only chicken nuggets I will even touch are the Morningstar brand. I even fed them to nieces and nephews who had no clue they were meatless. Their steak strips are wonderful too, you just need to be careful not to overcook them.

      1. I'm not a vegetarian and I have a box of them now in my freezer. They are pretty good and taste like the real thing. My only suggestion is to not cook them in the microwave.

        1. Big "yeah" for most things morningstar (despite ADM's ownership). As a reformed vegetarian, I still occasionally eat the veggie corn dogs. I also love the chicken patties and buffalo wings.

          1. They are much better than the Trader Joe's veggie corndogs.

            1. Thanks everyone. I'm going to get some on the way home with a squeeze bottle of French's Yellow Mustard :-)

              1. Definitely a yay. They are a bit sweeter than regular ones but still very tasty.

                1. My kids even eat them and they're super picky.

                  1. I love these, to be honest. I even think they work okay in the microwave. Of course, the best way to heat them up is dunkin' them in 360-degree oil.

                    As an aside: I had a veggie corn dog last time I went to the Hot Dog On A Stick place in the Glendale Galleria food court. It was kind of a letdown, actually, for I had grown used to the Morningstar and Trader Joe's ones.

                    1. I'm definitively NOT a vegetarian, and I love the corn dogs. It's not like regular frozen corn dogs have any discernable "meaty" taste beyond the spices.

                      1. It's been a while since I've had them, but a couple of years ago, the morningstar veggie dogs were, by far, the best veggie dog on the market. And they were super low fat which made it even more amazing. Although I haven't eat veggie dogs for quite some time, I've still been watching the marketplace, and, as far as I can tell, nothing has changed.

                        The corn dogs are right on par with the veggie dogs. Top notch. I'm in the make-sure-you-bake-them camp. And watch them closely. If you follow the directions to a 'T' they end up scorched. At least they did in my oven.

                        I lived on those corn dogs for a few years. Corn dogs, boca burgers and the boca faux chicken nuggets. Out of everything the vegetarian marketplace had to offer, those were, for me, the top of the heap.

                        1. My husband and I LOVE the morning star buffalo wings. He is much more loathe to try soy and non-meat products and even he is a big fan which I think speaks alot to how much flavor they have. They are spicy like a true buffalo wing should be. With some blue cheese dressing on the side, they can't be beat.

                          1. Big YAY. My roommate and I love these.

                            1. Those corndogs are some of the best vegetarian junk food there is. I would concur that Morningstar makes the best regular veggie dogs available as well -- they even have skin-like resistance on the outside like a real hotdog. Another yay. Note: there are both mini(no stick) and full size corndogs (on sticks), I think.

                              1. I like 'em, but have gotten nervous about the genetically modified ingredients that have been used in Mornigstar products, so tend to use the Trader Joe's ones instead.

                                Link on the morningstar/ GMO issue:


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                                  IIRC, Morningstar no longer uses GMO corn. Their corndogs were pulled from the market 3 or 4 years ago (along with other products containing GMO corn), at which point they reformulated.

                                  I love the corn dogs. Can't find the minis anymore, though, which sucks. They're pretty much what I've had for lunch this entire week.

                                  1. re: mudster

                                    That's good to know. I'm still nervous about it, though.

                                    1. re: mudster

                                      Are you sure? I hadn't thought about the GMO issue until I read this. I've looked on their site and they say the only completely non-biotech products are their soy. They no longer contain the Starlink corn, because that was illegal for consumption for humans but they still use the other ones. I didn't think about the GMO but that does make me reconsider buying them. Morningstar products are not all natural like most meatless products. They also contain dye and other unnecessary additives. It's Kellogg's, after all and not some small company, like Clif. I sent them an e-mail asking them to make their products all natural.

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                                        Nope, not sure at all. Sounds like your information is better than mine. I must have been misremembering the reformulation bit -- I thought they stopped using GMO corn altogether, not just the one brand.

                                        1. re: mudster

                                          The problem was never their "use" of Starlink corn, which has never been approved for human consumption. The issue is that corn pollinates over vast distances, meaning GMO corn can infect fields of non-GMO corn located miles away. Bottom line, that problem persists no matter what type of corn they use.

                                          That said, I still enjoy their corn dogs!

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                                            Darn, I was hoping you had new information that said it didn't have GMO. They are the best tasting fake corn dogs.

                                    2. Yeah, I like them. Pop them in the toaster oven and they are great. Watch out not to set stick afire.

                                      150 calories, too. Not bad.

                                      1. I'm semi-vegetarian (no red meat) and I buy a lot of the meat substitute products, and I love them. I eat them with a mixture of mustard and hot chili sauce.

                                        1. Yay. Also not a vegetarian, but like to eat semi-healthy when possible. They are pretty tasty.

                                          1. I'm a big pork lover, and I adore the Morningstar Farms corndogs (and buffalo wings). They're some of my standard keep in the freezer for when I come back from a trip foods (and I've definitely lived on them when I was going through busy and poor periods).

                                            1. Another non-veg here but my husband and I really enjoy the the MF corndogs quite a lot. And I don't like corndogs at all otherwise. They cook up fine in the microwave as long as you keep an eye on them not to overcook. We like a lot of their other products too, like the buffalo wings as others have mentioned.

                                              1. I tried the corn dogs after everyone gave them such high marks and was very impressed. I would not have known it was a veggie dog if someone just handed it to me. The cornmeal crust is very good also. I made them in the toaster oven here at work with great success.

                                                Thanks for the input everyone!