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Oct 13, 2006 02:13 PM

Halloween in Ireland

Are there any special dishes for Halloween celebration typical of Ireland? Because I'm living here 8 month so far and I don't know.


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  1. Hello

    I have just asked my Dublish boyfiend and it seems that there are a few things specific to Ireland. Brack which is otherwise known as Tea Bread, you will see in the shops. Kale mixed in with mashed potatoes and for some reason you need to put some money in that if you are keeping with tradition.

    Beware that the Irish don't seem to eat pumpkins. They just carve them for display!

    Keep something sweet to hand because the local youth will be at your door!!!!

    Malice, where are you in Ireland?

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    1. re: lympicita

      Thanks lympicita, I'm going to buy some Tea Bread and mix with mashed potato (but I think Tea Bread is sweet, isn't it?) and put some money. I also have to prepare some sweets!

      It's true I don't see too many pumpkings here.

      I'm living in Dublin for less than I year but I came from Spain and there, nobody celebrates Halloween. We celebrates 1st November (all saints day) and we go to cementery for cleaning our loving people tombs and put some flowers on them. And eat a sweet named "saint bones".