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Oct 13, 2006 01:54 PM

Need input regarding the Dualit 2+2 Slice toaster with the sandwich basket

My husband is terrible to shop for but he has a thing for toasters and much to his frustration has not been able to find one he loves. Our anniversary is coming up and I'm considering getting him the "best" toaster I can find and saw this one at the William-Sonoma website and it looks like it could fit the bill. He would love the sandwich basket if it works well for toasted sandwiches.

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  1. I have it and I love it, especially for the sandwhich basket for making grilled cheeses. Another thing I really like is that the toast doesn't pop up (you raise it manually) so it stays warm and doesn't cool off so fast if you're not right there when it's done toasting. The timing takes a little bit of practice (since it's not electronic), but if he likes toasters, he'll absolutely love it and it's a great gift!

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        Janet from Richmond, Somewhere in the dim recesses of my rapidly aging brain, I remember reading that Queen Elizabeth uses this same toaster. If it's good enough for royal toast .........
        Happy Anniversary

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          I will certainly include that on the card.....LOL

    1. I would review the ones for sale on the net. There is a big price difference. Even Amazon seems to have the same one for a lot less $$$ that Williams.

      1. I had a Dualit toaster - the four slice variety, I really liked it - for awhile, then the heating element for the first two slices started to wear out - so the top of the toast toasted and the bottom did not. Given how much I paid for it I was a little suprised - this started happening when it was about 3 years old. I don't make that much toast. I had liked it so much in the beginning, I gave one to my brother as a gift, now the same thing is happening to him. The sandwich basket was good for making a huge mess. When I replaced it I went with the Kitchen Aid Pro Line instead, I didn't save a lot of money but so far I have better toast and it still heats evenly (3 years and counting). I got them both from william sonoma.

        1. If you purchased it from Williams Sonoma just tell them and they will replace it or give you store credit toward the other one. I did not know that their policy was so good, but I had trouble with a blender from there once and happened to mention it to the clerk and she said just bring it in, no problem. It was over three years old too!

          1. I've had a 4 slice Dualit for approx 11 years - never gone wrong and wouldn't be without it! I used to go through toasters as if they were going out of fashion! Only reason I saw this site is because I want to buy one for a gift.