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Oct 13, 2006 01:25 PM

Cote St. Luc/Queen Mary dining

Heading to Montreal for the weekend to visit mom (age 80). We love good quality eats - lean to veggie but chicken and fish fine - Asian, Greek, French, Thai. Often head to Monkland and have found some mediocre places so need help here. We enjoy St. Viateur for brunch.. Monkland, Queen Mary or anywhere inbetween. Thanks

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  1. On Queen Mary, there is a Korean place in the bottom floor of an apartment building. Just East of Decarie by about a block, near the dry cleaners and Real Bagel store. I can't remember the name right now. Near Snowdon metro, there's an all-you-can-eat sushi place that actually has good sushi. It's run by some Chinese people, and it's next to an interesting-looking Korean BBQ place. Again, I can't remember the name, but you should be able to find it. It's around the Metro grocery store, too.

    Monkland has Taverne, which is pretty good. Premiere Moisson opened a bakery/cafe at Girouard, which serves good sandwiches and soups, plus the usual pastry/coffee. The have a daily lunch special. Olde Orchard has good pub fare, with the usual pub classics (fries, etc). I'm sure there's more places there, but I can't remember many more.

    On Decarie near Monkland there's a resto called Lezvos which is a Portuguese fish place. Order the grilled octopus, and red snapper. They grill the fish there and serve it with huge lima beans (sooo good).

    Sherbrooke in NDG (West of Decarie) has excellent dining. There's Star of India, Hwang Kum (Korean), Pasta Castareccia (Italian - Pasta ONLY, though) which is actually a store and restaurant. Bonne Bouffe and Mama's has good Jamaican, though Bonne Bouffe is more of a take-out than sit down place. Dad's Bagels is open 24h and they have surprisingly good Indian food in the fridges there, in addition to the bagels and pastries.

    I hope that helps... :)

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      Thanks for the info. I've looked at that Korean place and wondered if it was any good...

      Didn't know Premiere Moisson opened up - that sounds good.

      And the Portuguese grill sounds fantastic.

      1. re: serpah

        Lezvos is not a portuguese place. It is greek.

        1. re: hungryann

          Really? I don't know what made me assume it was Portuguese, but there you go. Thanks for letting me know. :)

      2. Here is a few of my favs in the area:
        Agora 6544 Somerled
        Great Greek food, freshly cooked, nice ambiance and reasonably priced. Very popular with the Cote St Luc crowd

        Chop Suey Imperiale 5397 Cote St Luc RD
        Very good Asian food and BYOW

        There is a Thai place that is right next to the frame shop on Monkland, that serves pretty good food.

        Good luck

        1. Not chic by anymeans , but for trully exeptional smooked meat and jewish food , the Snowdon deli , near on Decarie , near the Snowdon theater ( at Queen Mary) , is worth a visit !

          1. I know what you need:

            Mamma Mia, on Cote St. Luc Rd.

            Classy, good service, excellent food, $20-$30 per person, elegant decor.