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Food at Sheetz and Wawa...yay or nay?

In recent years, several Sheetz stations along with several Wawa stations have opened locally. They each advertise what appears to be decent menus with lots of choices for both breakfast and lunch and have always been curious as to whether the biscuits, subs, etc. are any good.

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  1. I like both Sheetz and WaWa but Sheetz MTO (made-to-order) is better (though I love WaWa's roast pork hoagie).

    Not gourmet but always a good quick snack/meal and a the Sheetz value menu is a bonus.



    1. Sheetz MTO subs are good, and the variety is nice. That said, I prefer WaWa hoagies, but that may be because I live right outside of Philly, home of WaWa, and they have really good rolls here. Plus, you can't go a mile without running into one. But a ham hoagie with extra sweet peppers and oregano is one of my default lunch options when I need to eat on the run here at work. Not the best sandwich ever, but easy, quick and tasty.

      1. We have a Sheetz down the street. Very good in a pinch -- subs, burgers, and breakfast sandwiches all do the trick. And all MTO (made to order). The twins love the milkshake machine.

        Sheetz coffee is also pretty good. Our Sheetz also just got an espresso bar (!).

        Plus, their gas is REALLY CHEAP.

        1. I really like Sheetz new coffee too. The new dark roast rivals coffeehouses. The food at either WaWa or Sheetz is good on the run. Sheetz breakfast biscuits are better than Wa Wa. The staff is a little nicer too.

          1. Wawa is a great value for sandwiches. Fast too. I miss the Wawa Bolis (mini strombolis) they had a few years ago. I hope they bring those back. Baked goods and pretzels are nothing special though. You also can't beat their coffee. If I every left the Philly area, I'd miss Wawa more than I'd miss Tastykakes.

            1. Oh this makes me sad, I miss WaWa...(and tastycakes as newbatgirl mentions above), but WaWa had great sandwiches and I also really liked their soups (particularly italian wedding). No WaWa on the left coast

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                Awww, I feel bad for you, ck. I didn't mean to make you sad! You can order Tastykakes mail order if the craving gets too strong. Can't do the same for Wawa, though. Sorry. People outside this area don't seem to understand the Wawa-love until they've lived it.

                Sure it's a convenience store but their stuff is acutally edible (as opposed to 7-11's chemistry experiments gone wrong)!

                And let's not forget their worst-keopt secret: surcharge-free ATMs in every location.

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                  haha - I left Philly a few years ago to relocate to Raleigh/Durham. I don't know which I mourn more -- the loss of a Wawa every few blocks, Tastykakes, or Dunkin' Donuts coffee.

                  Ugh - at least I have Bojangles???? :(

                2. Wawa was my only decent grocery store in college. No car, the bus system took me clear to the other side of town before bringing me back to where the grocery store was ... So I walked to Wawa where I could find eggs, milk, limited FRESH VEGETABLES, some soups, and a handful of other necessities. I wasn't happy living on campus, reliant on foul dining hall slop :( Wawa was my savior. Their sandwiches and m-t-o foods are tasty.

                  1. WaWa is the greatest convenience store on the planet.

                    Love their coffee, roast beef sandwiches, hoagies, chicken cutlet sandwiches, macaroni salad, mac and cheese. You can also get prepared containers of fresh fruit, hummus and pita, cheese and crackers, grapes and brie..... decent store brand ice cream

                    Oh, and free ATMs. Gotta have my WaWa!!

                    1. wawa is my other home. i love that place. three meals a day some days. a normal day starts with a ham egg and cheese bagel and a frapacino, lunch is an italian with sweet peppers and pickles, dinner is one of the hot bowls, usually hot beef. and the sides are good. also, i drink the tea by the half gallon bottle. the best new drink is definately the sweet tea, and for 99 cents, it cant be beat. plus i get my nicotine fix there to.
                      never seen a sheetz. but it doesnt sound bad.

                      1. I've been to a Sheetz. It was ok, but I still like Wawa better. Great sandwiches for the price. And my entire family is addicted to their coffee.

                        1. My husband and I used to frequent Sheetz when we were in school in PA. Unfortunately, we don't have any near us. He constantly craves it. We drove out of our way in the snowstorm at the end of February so that he could have his cheese steak. I was always partial to their chicken salad. I think it's the novelty of ordering on a touch screen and the prices that make it good.

                          We live 2 minutes from a Wawa and I've never been inside. My brother likes it, though.

                          1. I like Sheetz better than WaWa simply because they have a few more veggies for their veg subs (black olives, green peppers). A WaWa veg sub can be kind of on the anemic side. One thing that annoys me about Sheetz with their new revamped menu is that they did away with the veg sub. You have to order the cheese sub (costs more) and either ask them to hold the cheese or go easy on it -- otherwise you get this gigantic cheese chunk that's just wayyyy too much, even for a cheese-hound like me...

                            What I do like about WaWa's are the little sides you can get -- pretty fresh fruit cups, hard boiled eggs, etc.

                            1. I grew up with Sheetz. We got our first Sheetz in the late '70's. I always loved the Chili dogs. They are a must eat. I was away in the military for 15 years and that was one of the first thigs I would get when I was home on leave. I also like Wawa. I first started going to a Wawa in Deleware, but I don't know their menu as well. Although I never had anything I don't like. Unlike Sheetz, I recommend you avoid Sheetz hamburgers and the Smokehouse chiken since the changed the recipe and took off the french fried onions.

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                                Oh yes. The chili dogs at Sheetz. Love them and miss them greatly. I would get them with cheese. And the strawberry milkshakes, extra thick. Wow, now I really wish that there were a Sheetz anywhere near me.

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                                      Thanks for the link. Alas, I am now in California and the chili dogs aren't _quite_ worth the drive :)

                              2. YAY for Wawa! I grew up on Wawa and missed it terribly when I was living out of the area. Their coffee is great, good breakfast sandwiches, love their hoagies. Agree with the poster that mentioned the no-fee ATM's....a huge bonus. Their lemonade-tea is delicious.

                                1. I found the subs @ Wawa so-so,the burgers @ Sheetz are much better

                                  1. WaWa has THE best cheese subs ANYWHERE.

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                                        Hard to say...cant recall ever having a cheese sub anywhere.I kind of prefer the ones with meat.But it takes all kinds to make a world.Overall,WaWa's subs are pretty good when you are on the highway and dont know your way around.There are always better local alternatives but they are not as convenient or easy to find.

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                                          I agree, billfish. The reason that I ask specifically about the WaWa cheese sub is that I'm a vegetarian and have tried WaWa's cheese subs (still do in a pinch); I don't think they have enough variety in their veggie selection to make it a good stand-in for Subway or even Sheetz. Wondering if I'm missing something -- a super condiment or something -- that might make it better...

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                                            try the buffalo bleu cheese sauce... it kicks it up major

                                      2. Ah, you bring a tear to my eye......moved away from Pennsylvania and miss my Sheetz terribly!!!!! Love their coffee.....love their nachos (of all crazy things---Mexican food at a gas station?!?!?!?!?!).......it's really hard to get a good cup of coffee in a gas station in new Jersey (yeah, I like DD too, but it's not Sheetz!)!

                                        1. Both have their highs and lows. At Wawa, the subs are pretty good and I like their sides. It's institutional cafeteria stuff, but the chicken & noodles and the mac & beef are tasty. At Sheetz, I like their chicken sub and the burgers are ok. The hot dogs at both places suck, but they're edible if you get enough toppings on them. For both of these chains, though, the big advantage is getting anything you want at 3AM without having to dictate your order to some slacker kid behind the counter.