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Oct 13, 2006 12:57 PM

Food at Sheetz and Wawa...yay or nay?

In recent years, several Sheetz stations along with several Wawa stations have opened locally. They each advertise what appears to be decent menus with lots of choices for both breakfast and lunch and have always been curious as to whether the biscuits, subs, etc. are any good.

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  1. I like both Sheetz and WaWa but Sheetz MTO (made-to-order) is better (though I love WaWa's roast pork hoagie).

    Not gourmet but always a good quick snack/meal and a the Sheetz value menu is a bonus.



    1. Sheetz MTO subs are good, and the variety is nice. That said, I prefer WaWa hoagies, but that may be because I live right outside of Philly, home of WaWa, and they have really good rolls here. Plus, you can't go a mile without running into one. But a ham hoagie with extra sweet peppers and oregano is one of my default lunch options when I need to eat on the run here at work. Not the best sandwich ever, but easy, quick and tasty.

      1. We have a Sheetz down the street. Very good in a pinch -- subs, burgers, and breakfast sandwiches all do the trick. And all MTO (made to order). The twins love the milkshake machine.

        Sheetz coffee is also pretty good. Our Sheetz also just got an espresso bar (!).

        Plus, their gas is REALLY CHEAP.

        1. I really like Sheetz new coffee too. The new dark roast rivals coffeehouses. The food at either WaWa or Sheetz is good on the run. Sheetz breakfast biscuits are better than Wa Wa. The staff is a little nicer too.

          1. Wawa is a great value for sandwiches. Fast too. I miss the Wawa Bolis (mini strombolis) they had a few years ago. I hope they bring those back. Baked goods and pretzels are nothing special though. You also can't beat their coffee. If I every left the Philly area, I'd miss Wawa more than I'd miss Tastykakes.