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Oct 13, 2006 12:25 PM

Posh tonkatsu in Kyoto?

So, I was living in the Osaka area for a while a few years ago. I'm coming back for a visit in a few weeks and I'm hoping to find the site of a very tasty meal. I was taken by my Kyoto-ite boyfriend to an amazing tonkatsu restaurant which would have been in the Kawaramachi area (it might have been on a corner, possibly close to Takashimaya). It was very modern inside: lots of shiny black surfaces and bare wood, plus the sleekest washrooms I had seen in Japan. I think they only served tonkatsu. On the tables were little mortars and pestles for grinding up sesame seeds exactly to taste. Anyone have a clue where I'm talking about? Unfortunately I can't ask the guy who took me there as we are no longer in touch.

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  1. Perhaps Katsukura? Do any of the first four shops on this page look familiar?

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      It was exactly Katsukura. It's a little east and on the north side of Shijo-dori. I've been there a whole bunch of times, it's a standard in the area.

    2. Yay! Thanks you two! I appreciate the help so much.

      Rob S - just noticed you are affiliated with! I've already been checking out the Kansai page in preparation for my trip. Very nice site.

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        Thanks a lot! I hope it's helpful.