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Oct 13, 2006 11:56 AM


I know he uses a gas oven, and I am perplexed as to how he makes such an (argueably) really good pie with great charring. Is he using one of the new high tech ovens that throw off 700 degrees plus, or the Bakers Pride or similar?

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  1. His oven looks 50 years old! Not sure what type of oven it is, but there is no way it's new, even in the last decade....

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    1. re: Foodluva

      last a great cast iron pan, used for generations his oven is seasoned and contributes to the overall taste and flavor of the pizza.

    2. His oven is so old with such bad hot spots that he has very poor heat control and is constantly burning the pies, not carefully and purposefully charring them. He badly burns around 50% of the pies he makes, especially when he has a line. I haven't been there many times because while I like a wee bit of charring, I don't care for charcoal and oil pizza.

      1. Pizzafreak, good call posting this on outer boroughs. You are going to laugh your ass off when you finally see DiFara. There is NOTHING high tech about this place.

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        1. I am a DiFara virgin and may go there for the first time this weekend. Please advise about what to order (whole pie v. slices, square v. triangle). I will be with one other person in all likelihood. Grazie!

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          1. re: LJW

            Don't leave the place before you've had a piece of the square pie. Order twice as many as you think you'll eat. Only get a round slice to tide you over until the square is ready.

            Ignore the dirt.

            1. re: LJW

              Square pie is great.

              Regular pie is fun to watch him make, but there's way too much grease for the crust and it's a sloppy mess to eat. There's no balance in the regular pie.

              1. re: Luther

                You kats are out of your minds it the regular pies that are the specialty especially the ones with artichokes the square are excellent but nowehere near comprable. Man you guys are wierd!

              2. re: LJW

                Last week I had a pie with baby artichokes. They were amazing.

              3. I had to give up on this place. Aside from the greasy slice, which is wonderful, the wait time is ridonculous. I live near Spumoni Gardens and the squares there are excellent.