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BYOB at Udipi?

Does Udipi serve beer or wine? I can't recall. If not, has anyone tried to BYOB there? Also, where and how is Saffron?


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  1. Detlechef, they do not serve beer or wine, and I believe it's a religious choice, therefore byob is probably discouraged. Same goes for Tonali.

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      That's too bad. I love the place but dinner with the folks is a whole lot more fun with a little something-something in the glass.

      So, back to Saffron. Thoughts anyone?

    2. Saffron is very good. It's in the Harris Teeter shopping center at the intersection of Davis Drive and McCrimmon Parkway in Morrisville. I have mostly had the lunch buffet there, but they do have a bar and a wine list. The dinner menu looks very good, with some things you don't always see. You also might try Azitra in Brier Creek. Azitra has a wine list on their website. I think that either would be a good choice.


      1. As has already been noted, Udipi does not serve alcohol and somewhere along the line I got the impression (probably because I came right out and asked) that BYOB would not be a good idea.

        So we go to Madras Saravana Bhavan instead. Food excellent, beer and wine no problem.

        1. We decided on Saffron. I mean, if it's good enough for India's #1 rock star...

          1. also agree with saffron, chef--and agree with bbqme's assessment of its quality. i haven't yet been to udupi, but saffron is good enough for me to drive 30 minutes each way to go, and until i have exhausted their menu, they've got my business for indian. they DO serve wine... and it's a really well chosen wine list... drink lots of bottles when you go! subtle, i know...*grin*

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              I do have to prop the wine list at Saffron. Well done, Mike. We had a tasty QBA to start (name escapes me) and the Montirius Vaqueyras afterwards (I love that wine). The food was, indeed, delicious. That said, I'm not sure I enjoyed it as much as Udipi. That said, my first dinner at Udipi was a bit of a culinary epiphony that perhaps raised my standards. With this in mind, Saffron may mostly be guilty of being tasted with newly enlightened taste buds.

              The scallop dish was deliciously seasoned but the scallops themselves were just OK. The mushroom and corn patties were groovy enough but had a rather non-descript texture. The tandori lamb appetizer had great seasoning but was chewy and a bit cold. The tandori paneer wasn't really my bag.

              Entrees. The house specialty chicken (cooked in tandoor but not typical tandoori chicken) was pretty tasty and tender. The saag paneer was more spinachy tasting than I usually find and we all agreed that was a good thing. The vegetable curry and northern style lamb curries were both very delicious, but the lamb was a bit dry.

            2. I'd call Udipi first & ask before you bring a bottle.
              I know religious Jains don't drink alcohol & you never know who's being religious. Just like many Indians eat meat, but many are strict veg. especially the South.
              The best drink with Southern food is Mooru, but they don't make it there, bother!
              What kind of regionial dishes does Saffron serve? North, South, Bengali, Hyderabadi what?

              1. Saffron, has Indian fusion, now that is impressive. I checked the menu myself. This is interesting as places like that never last in new york.
                For myself I'd try crab masala, which should be a fab southern dish & Biryani. Biryanis are very complex & a pain to make, a specialty of Hyderabad so I'd really want to have this out. Then I'd try a fusion dish for sure. More power to them. The triangle really is a fantastic culinary place.

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                  Mt fave dish is their okra. It is sliced thin and flash fried with shallots and spices. Outstanding! The Curried Shrimp is wonderful, with very large shrimp (although not as many as I'd like) that are perfectly cooked. Large shrimp like that often come out rubbery in a lot of places. The lamb shank dish is sublime in its tenderness. And instead of naan try the puris instead for a change. You'll love it to sop up the curry gravy with...

                2. their naan is pretty darn good, though. always freshly baked, super buttery... mmm... naan...