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Oct 13, 2006 11:33 AM

A reasonably priced bistro in the 6th or the 13th?

Hi all--

We're going to paris next week for a week. Now, we've been many times, and this time we're really trying to up the foodie experience without breaking the bank.

Do you have a few suggestions on some quality neighborhood places in the 6th? I've heard a lot about Chez George and Polidor, for two. I've had great lunch experiences at Les Editeurs and Le Comptoir in the past, and we're hooked on Le Petit Zinc also.

As for the 13th, Chez Paul? le temps des cerises? La Butte aux Cailles looks very interesting.

Finally --- any off the beated-path cafe for a great local feel and great glass of wine/cafe? We would like a change from the St Germain/Rue de Buci scene. I want to hit Le Tournon and Le Dix for sangria.

Any thoughts?

And....I will happily reciprocate when any of you visit Boston!

Thank you!!!

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  1. I really like Chez George for big portions of hearty old-style bistro food. Polidor has nice well worn decor but I have not had any luck with the food but that was at least 6 years ago.
    Moderate price bistros that I like:
    In the 6e
    La Bastide D'Odeon, 7 r. Corneille
    Le Timbre 3 r. Ste. Beuve
    Chez Marcel, 7 r Stanislas
    L'Epi Dupin, 11 r. Dupin
    Au Gourmand, 22 r de Vaugirard
    In the 13e
    L'Avant Gout, 26 r. Bobillot
    L'Ourcine, 92 r. Broca
    Le Petit Marguery, 9 Blvd de Port-Royal
    Wine bars in the 6e:
    L'Ecluse, 15 quai des Grands-Augustins
    A La Tour de Pierre, 53 r Dauphine
    Two of my favorite cafes in the 6e:
    La Palette, 43 r de Seine
    Cafe de la Mairie, in front of St. Sulpice
    If you like a change from the 6th/Carrefour de l'Odeon scene, I recommend strolling around the r Cler/r St. Dominque area in the 7th and the Marais/Bastille...lots of good cafes, wine bars and bistros.

    1. excellent!

      on the plane tonight -- going to go down the list to check them all out. Hope to have reservations at La bastide d'odeon tomorrow first.

      I really appreciate the list --- will give an update!

      1. The food at Polidor was pretty bad on a recent vist. We'd loved it years back.

        1. Take care with the sangria at le Dix. It's a real hangover maker.

          For a bistro, I'd suggest the Bon St Pourçain on Rue Servandoni between St Sulpice and Lux Gardens. Not fancy, just good. François is a real character and you could spot one of the famous riverains like Umberto Ecco, Daniel Auteil or Arielle Dombasle. I've haven't seen Catherine Deneuve there.

          1. what did you think of La Bstide d'Odeon? We have eaten there twice before and loved the food. Is it still good?