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Oct 13, 2006 08:17 AM


Fellow Hounds,

I wonder...what's the attraction to the place? I walked through the Pasadena shop and found their selection to be an interesting mixture of high-end yum-yums. But do you think they'll actually make money? I'm curious to know what your collective thoughts are!

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  1. I'm actually a bit curious about that myself, too -- but I do find their food better than most convenience store fares (I <3 their green tea mousse cake /w azuki bean paste), and opening till midnight, I can imagine that place getting a good deal of late-night business (esp. when the Laemmle theater next door lets out.) But I guess time will tell-


    1. Here's my take on Famima's attraction: when I need something from 7-11, I try to get in and out in record time, as everything usually seems dodgy and off; like a gas station bathroom, the 7-11 experience (for me) is a utilitarian and necessary 'evil'. At Famima!!, the environment seems much more conducive to lingering, leisurely eyeballing the products and trying something new, even if I just need a bottle of water or gum (when was the last time anyone strode into a 7-11 to try something new?). No menacing staff or customers watching my movements or badgering me when I need to break a twenty. I like the stuff at Famima!! (the curry fried bread and the fastfood bao), but I really enjoy the boutique ambiance translated into a convenience store...

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        Exactly. They're also targeting high density neighborhoods and areas with high foot traffic. So they'll definitely make money just off their toiletries and stuff, those looking for quick snacks, and the curious.

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 a 7-11, I find myself trying to find something that I might actually eat, whereas at Famima just about EVERYTHING looks good. Some of the most interesting sandwiches I've ever seen anywhere, and there they are all wrapped up and ready to go.

        2. No Clue what the fuss is BUT I do Know that 2 Famima's are underway Downtown and to Boot a 7-11 is coming to Downtown too, finally!!

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            That's very exciting!!!! DO you know the downtown locations?
            I live in Echo Park and know that one of those could make some killer dough in this neighborhood - cuz there's nothing fast that's open late that isn't a taco truck or jack in the box.

            And to the OP - yes they will make money. Poeple like me who don't want to spend over $10 on almost any meal and who have crazy schedules will eat there a lot. And the food is not bad at all (not phenomenal, but not bad at all.) and a lot of us are looking for fast things that are not completely unhealthy.

          2. Great thoughts!

            I love the lingering eyeballing as well. Rodia notepads? Japanese doo-dads. Great product selection.

            One thing I wonder about is have you seen anyone actually BUY something there?

            1. I've bought things there, at the Hollywood location! And there's generally at least a few people in there, including "characters" from in front of the Chinese.

              Parking is irritating, since I don't live walking distance. Generally have to go during the day, because at night, all the valet parkers hog the meters.

              I am strangely addicted to their chicken salad sandwiches. Strange, since I don't like chicken salad. But theirs has a red pepper taste and much less mayo than usual. I also like their bao, I think it's better than some I've had at those trendy "Asian fusion" places. I don't really like their sushi or rolls, other than the inari with the udon noodles (weird but good). Plus, Pocky!