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Oct 13, 2006 06:56 AM

Raisin Bran Woes

Courtesy of recent guests, I have a big box of raisin bran cereal now in my pantry. I think they ate only one bowl of cereal out of it, but I can't give it away since it's been opened (ok, I admit I did try to pawn it off onto a few friends, all of whom declined). I'm not much on the cereal thing, although I did try a few flakes out of curiosity and it tastes OK, I guess.

There must be some type of cooking/baking application for the cereal, right? I googled "raisin bran cereal recipes" and I came up with a lot of muffin/bread recipes and something that sounds like a soft granola bar. None of which made me want to plug in my kitchen aid.

Any ideas out there in Chowhoundlandia?


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  1. Well, if you're not into breads and muffins, you could use it as part of the topping for a crisp.

    1. If you pulse the cereal in a food processor (small batches at a time) it will make good crumbs for a cheesecake.

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        this might not work because of the raisins. If you try it i would definetly pick out the "Two Scoops" first.

        1. re: bolivianita

          Boliv..I've used the cereal w/raisins several x's (which is why I shared the suggestion) and the raisins pulsed just fine. Given that they are already dri-ish and covered in a flour-ish powder.

      2. There's a pear strudel recipe that uses raisin bran here:

        There's a nutty raisin bran waffles recipe here:

        There's a recipe for raisin bran oatmeal cookies here: