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Oct 13, 2006 06:18 AM

Where to eat and watch the mets on Sat night???

I'm meeting a friend from out of town for dinner on Saturday and am looking for a place that will be showing the game and to have a nice dinner. Any thoughts??? Thanks,

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  1. and tonite as well . . . UWS preferred

    1. try blue smoke, sit at the bar, get a delicious burger (i think the most underrated burger and barely mentioned amazing burger in the city), watch the games and bs with the bartender who is a huge mets fan. only down side: tv's are not flat screens, if that matters to you.


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        Not everyone will be so interested in the game, so I was hoping to find a place where we could sit at a table, and I could feign interest in the table conversation while surreptitiously watching the game.