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Oct 13, 2006 05:16 AM

A blast from the past, Labels Table

Our lunch companion described Labels as 'if it had any less ambiance it would be a Taco stand'. I disagreed - it had plenty of ambiance if you wanted to drown yourself in fifties memories while eating a reaaaaaaaaaaaaally good half a tongue sandwich. Lunch companion also educated Mme Zoe and me as to the finer points of what makes Labels bread so good; the bread is steamed and then cut on a meat slicer rather than a bread slicer. This makes the crust have a slightly jagged edge thus improving the crunch of the crust. Well, you live and learn and the bread was excellent plus plenty of tongue and the deli master did not flinch when Mme Zoe asked for a side of mayo to go with her corned beef sandwich and when I asked for Dijon he also offered deli sweet mustard and Frenches. Lunch companion, a well seasoned ChowHound ordered the Jumbo Corned Beef which came with enough CB to make Kim Jong Il happy for the rest of the week. Food A1, atmosphere great for that moment. No chocolate phosphates. Parking behind and out front.

Labels Table
East of Beverly Drive on Pico
Next to Nathan's Hot Dogs and down the street from
Beverlywood bakery where we repaired for coffee and apple strudel

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  1. Tongue!!! I could NEVER eat something from the mouth of a animal. Just give me a couple of eggs.

    Sorry! (But not much!)

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    1. re: Wes

      So, you won't eat something that came from an animal's mouth...but you will eat something something that fell out of its ass?

      Interesting logic.

        1. re: bizzle

          Actually, the digestive tract is not a reproductive organ.

        2. re: Wes

          Tongue is the best part!!! Seriously, if you've never tried it... go! Do it! It's so awesome I can't describe it!

        3. Is the Labels that you went to the same as the one in Calabasas/Woodland Hills? This location has weird hours and I've always wondered about the food. I personally like tongue, kinda grew up on it with my NY'er dad. Was always served alongside the corned beef, pastrami, kosher salami etc.

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          1. re: davinagr

            Yes, it's the same. Katz's it ain't, that's for sure.

              1. re: davinagr

                katz's was good when i tried it, but you know what,

                Langer's Deli for what is worth is better, one of the reasons is the rye at Langer's is fresh and hot, but at Katz's the bread comes straight out of the package.

                1. re: kevin

                  Before you get the bread, the loaf has been put in an oven and then sliced on a rotary slicing machine one slice at a time. They don't keep that bread around too long after heating, and I have seen them throw out bread that wasn't used up quickly.

              2. re: Das Ubergeek

                "Katz's it ain't, that's for sure."
                Thank God for that...Sorry, just not a Katz's fan.

                And to the previous poster's query. I was at the W.H. Label's a few months ago and it was vert good. For some reason (and it's not the lack of quality) Label's always seems under the radar. As for the Pico location, tried it a few years ago (don't live in the area), and not only was it was also up to standard, it really seems like a walk back in time.

            1. My favorite deli. Great brisket and pastrami on rye. Love the pickles, potato salad and cole slaw, too. Plus, I don't feel like I'm getting price gouged for a dumb deli sandwich. Daily Sandwich Special and reduced prices after 3:00PM make it an even bigger bargain.

              1. And they don't think it's cool to charge twelve bucks for a sandwich!

                But I do love Langers...

                Ouch it's so good.