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Oct 13, 2006 04:59 AM

anise cafe in san jose

I recently had a memorable meal at the anise
cafe in san jose: corn fritters, banana flower
salad, a vietnamese crepe (banh xeo). the servings
were quite generous (especially given the price),
the service was fine, and the banh xeo actually inspired
me to hunt down a recipe and attempt to make my own
crepes (which was a disaster). well, I guess I'll
have to go back to the restaurant...

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  1. The grilled flank steak and green apple salad at Anise Cafe is excellent.

    1. That steak & green apple salad at Anise Cafe is our favorite as well! Actually I like all of their salads but after trying them all realized they all taste somewhat the same. But the steak salad is a standout b/c the steak seems the same as what's in their shaking beef dish, and pairing it with green apple is a winner.