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Oct 13, 2006 04:37 AM

Looking for a good veggie patty in the Lower East Side

Tired of frozen pre made patties. Don't want a meat simulated burger and tired of over paying but wouldn't mind if it's a quality patty...any suggestions?

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  1. the veggie burger at tiny's sandwich shop is good, but bear in mind the dozy service and the fact the kitchen is always out of at least one major ingredient (no bread the last time i stopped in, if you can believe that).
    dash dogs just started serving veggie sliders which i have yet to try, though i'm assuming they're tasty as d.d. makes the best veggie hot dog i've ever had.

    1. Great Rec on dash dogs! I went with my sister and hubby to try the veggie sliders and yeah, tasty isn't even the word for them. They make these mini sliders with whatever toppings we wanted on it. 2 with a soda for 7.50. I got the avocado salsa with garlic mayo and a corn relish with wasabi mayo..AMAZING!

      They said it's homemade with port mushrooms, squash, bread crumbs and eggs. I guess something homemade and not pre packaged makes me feel better about freshness.

      thanks for the rec and you have to try one, going to try the veggie dogs tomorrow and see how they are.

      1. nice! i'll try one soon. i LOVE their avocado salsa.

        1. I've read mixed reviews on Trailer Park (23rd and 7th) on this board, but I was floored by their veggie burger. I'm normally quite the carnivore and have never been impressed with veggie burgers, but was persuaded to try it and I think I may voluntarily get it next time - I actually crave it now! Made fresh, on a perfectly toasted bun with sweet potato fries (also ridiculously addictive), and available as a special on Monday/Tuesday nights (meat/ turkey/ veggie burger + fries + a beer) for $7.49. Dive-y kind of place, but the rest of the menu is just as good, and the drinks are strong.