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Oct 13, 2006 04:26 AM

the urgent matter of cheese scones (florid)

Ah, the sorry issue of scones in the United States. Their twin vices of petrification and monstrosity so neatly summed up in the surely ironic title of a local manufacturer: Scone Henge.

How I have longed for the delicate, round, light, cheese scones of my childhood . . . A delicious treat, warmed, preferably toasted, and spread with whatever unnecessary fat pleased the palate.

In the US I have despaired of ever being able to buy any kind of scone that even faintly resembled those I remember growing up. The cheese scone itself has been the holy grail, floating tantalizing and ever out of reach, on the distant horizon.

But I digress.

I bring tidings of great joy. I have found cheese scone riches, at the Destination Bakery in Glen Park (x-street Castro and Diamond, I think). The gruyere and spring onion scones are made here every day. They beat the Arizmendi version hands down, and the onions are an inspired touch. To taste one warmed and suitably greased up is to know heaven on earth.

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  1. Ah, too bad about the location, me being in Oakland and all. I used to live for Arizmendi cheese scones, but for at least the past year they've been pretty dry and tasteless. I do love the cornmeal addition, but the cheese is pretty bland. The onions sound great. Sigh.

    1. Was this formerly Creighton's? I think I used to buy those same scones on my way to work when I lived in Glen Park and walked to the BART station. I still have fond memories of them.

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        Yes, Destination Bakery took over the space from Creighton's. They make great stuff at Destination. The owner is busy opening a new place near 25th & Mission called Mission Pies or something like that. A pie and coffee place, apparently.

      2. And I suppose it's ironic that Scone Henge's scones are neither dry nor huge, and that they are among the most Brit-like of the local offerings?

        1. Greens To Go used to make a nice cheese scone, but haven't had one in a few years.