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Oct 13, 2006 03:50 AM

Anyone ever try New Otani Restaurants?

A couple weeks back, on jury duty, went to Sushi Gen for the first time (fantastic - however, crowded, and had to sit at bar - no special, and dropped $80), and on way back checked out New Otani roof garden. They appear to have a few restaurants.

Any opinions?



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  1. I highly recommend the tempura bar in the Thousand Cranes restaurant.

    In the last couple of months went to three of the most mentioned tempura bars TC, Komatsu and Inaba and thought TC was the best of the three. Best quality ingredients and lightest batter.

    1. I went to Garden Grill the teppanyaki place at the New Otani at the end of August and enjoyed it. It is a little pricey, but worth it. If you ordered a la carte I'm sure that it would be much more reasonable.

      Here's a link to my review...

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      1. re: BombayUpWithaTwist

        I agree with Bombay... Garden Grill is worth it. We had the cheaper set menu and wow, that was good. First rate sashimi, expertly cooked steak that was so tender and flavorful! Service, as usual with first class Japanese places, was impeccable.

        We've also tried thousand cranes which has a nice view overlooking the garden, but nothing special.

        1. re: ladius

          How would they accommodate parties of 8? Would we be able to sit at one griddle? Sounds wonderful! My whole family, when all together, number 10. Sometimes there are only 8 of us. This would be enjoyed by all! Thinking over the holidays!

          1. re: Jesdamala

            I believe you could take up one whole table. I'm pretty sure it was 4 on each side for a total of 8. I would call them to confirm. I think your family would enjoy the meal very much and it would be fun to take up the whole griddle! They don't put on a "show" like Benihana, but I enjoyed how intricate the way of cooking was.

            1. re: BombayUpWithaTwist

              Yeah, I agree. I'm sure eight or more could be accomodated, they'll just stick more chairs, I would hope! have a nice time.

              1. re: ladius

                We don't need a show, but the guys in the family have always loved this type of cuisine...we all do! I will call before we make any plans! Thanks!

      2. The sushi bar at Thousand Cranes haa been quite good the 3-4 times we've been there for dinner. Never for lunch, don't know if they're open for lunch. Wonderful Japanese exotics if you can convince the chef that you have a Japanese palate but an American face. Don't miss out on the Japanese Food Festival at the New Otani in a week or two. Gorge yourself on Uni.