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Oct 13, 2006 03:33 AM

Fresh Mex Reno

This taqueria got a vote for "best in Reno" from some food reporters for the Gazette-Journal who did a taco crawl (I have no idea if any of them have chowish tendencies, or if our own Steve Timko was among the group....). I have noticed the place several times, but always avoided it because the name reminded me of a chain somehow (and the sign in front seemed somehow chainish as well...). But after reading the RGJ article I decided to give it a try. I'm glad I did, especially since it is very close to my house, and right on the way home from work should hunger strike!

They have made some effort to decorate, with painted brick walls, Mexican prints, and the like. But its your basic formica-table type of place. The staff is very, very friendly....and totally bilingual. There is sit-down service, and beer is available. I had the carnitas tacos combination plate (two tacos, rice and beans). The flavor was delcious, although the meat wasn't quite as crsipy as described in the RGJ article. They were served with a red salsa that was almost pure capsicum..too hot! The rice was wonderful: fluffy and flavorful. Beans were ok. Hubby had the fish taco special; the fish was pan-fried and it was delicious. Our meal came with some home-made chips and some of the best pico de gallo I'd had in awhile...very flavorable jalapenos and tomatoes. Hubby finished with a cinamon churro...I don't like churros much but this one at least was freshly made. Dinner for two including three Tecates was about $25 so its definitely inexpensive. Definitely worth a stop; I think I enjoyed my meal there more than the one I had at nearby Beto's a week or so ago....

Fresh Mex is at the corner of Keystone and 5th st, across Keystone from Albertson's.

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  1. very cool. Looking forward to trying it over Thanksgiving....agreed that the name is unfortunate.

    Do they have breakfast?

    1. Didn't think to look to see about breakfast. I'll have to check it out. They did have menu options other than the usual tacos and burritos. I'd like to try the tortas sometime....I forgot to mention: its relatively new...only been open a few months. There was a decent crowd there tonight...hopefully it'll stay (the restaurant there previously was some kind of fast food Chinese place that was always empty...)

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        Just an update:

        We went there tonight for a quick "on the way home" supper and thought of you, Susan. The special was albondigas soup. Yum! Rich homemade beef broth, with a LOT of vegetables: carrots, squash, cabbage, celery, even a few potato chunks. The meatballs were bite-sized (easier to eat that way!) and were delicious: light and flavored with fresh Mexican oregano. And best of all: there were LOTS of them...maybe as many as a dozen.....My soup came with a big stack of fresh corn tortillas. I walked out of there stuffed.

        BTW, they are open for breakfast (at 8am) on Saturdays and Sundays.....

        1. re: janetofreno

          I don't know how, but somehow I missed this post till now! Can you do me a big favor and ask if they can put the albondigas special on the menu for dinner the night before Thanksgiving!? Will treat if you do.... :-)

          I wonder if the fact that no lard is used (see post below) is part of the reason that Steve found the burrito to be blah (given that it was almost all rice and beans).? Still, it is good to know that it is vegetarian friendly, for those in the family who don't eat lard...

          has anyone checked out breakfast possibilities yet?

          1. re: susancinsf

            I'll have to stop by this week and see how often they make the albondigas.

            Can't comment on the burritos. I don't eat burritos. Jerry has had burritos there twice and enjoyed them.....and he would say something if he thought they were bland.

      2. Sounds good. I'll have to check it out. It sounds like it was in the place that was a Szechuan Express for a long time, then became a place that served Chinese food, sushi, Hamburgers and just about anything else you wanted.

        1. I went there today for lunch and I agree it's a very nice spot. I got three large tacos, chicken, beef and plain pork. The plain pork didn't live up to the hype but it was all fresh. I don't know if the tortillas are home made but they seemed awefully fresh. I'll be back to check it out for the other items.
          I can see why you'd overlook it though. It was a horrid szechuan express for so long and then a mediocre "we serve anything" joint. Kind of like that really bad Asian restaurant on South Virginia at Plumb that was a Sambo's also. It like these places get bad food karma and can't shake it.

          1. The soup sounds good. I wonder if they have a special breakfast menu on the weekend.
            I went there Wednesday night and got a burrito and a taco. The taco was great. The burrito was big and blah. Almost all refried beans and rice. Very little meat. So I wouldn't recommend the burritos.