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Oct 13, 2006 02:41 AM

Mom coming to town...need restaurant in Venice area

My mom is coming to town this Saturday, and I would like to make reservations for us somewhere in the Venice/Santa Monica area. The price range is a little less than something like Joes or Josie, but good food too! The thing is, last time she was here, we had dinner at Houstons and it was so loud we couldn't hear each other. I would like to avoid that situation! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, and any cuisine if fine.

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  1. Lilly's French Cafe, right next to Joe's. Try to get a patio seat, it's lovely in the garden area. Calm and relaxing. Food is good too...a combination of bistro (moules frites) and French California fusion. The duck dish is excellent.

    Lilly's French Cafe
    1031 Abbot Kinney Blvd
    Venice, CA 90291-3386View Map
    (866) 756-8613

    1. There are these reviews for 26 Beach:

      Have you been to 26 Beach Cafe Lately? SO great for ladies!

      26 Beach Cafe Recommendations

      1. I second the Lilly's recommendation -- it's a nice, pleasant place that serves good food. The Saturday lunch special is particularly affordable.

        If you're worried about noise, do not go to Hal's.

        Another option would be James' Beach or Picolo. Both are closer to the water, but not actually overlooking the ocean. I think they'd run just a bit cheaper than Josie or Joe's. Picolo is a very cute, small place.

        1. I would bite the bullet and spend the extra money to go to Joe's. How often do you see your Mom? Wouldn't it be worth it for a special occasion? It isn't THAT much for their prix fixe!

          1. La Vecchia on Main Street in Santa Monica is a nice spot with very good Italian food and in your price range. While it isn't particularly loud, tables are pretty close together.

            We went to Lilly's about a month ago, and while the food is OK, I thought there was a decline in quality from earlier visits. Service was also slow, which is generally the case there.