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Oct 13, 2006 02:25 AM

Review - Grand Sichuan (2nd Ave location)

Review - Grand Sichuan (1049 2nd Ave , 212 355 5855)

Just had an awesome takeout Chinese dinner from the midtown east (2nd ave) location of Grand Sichuan. If you are anywhere near this place you should pop in or get delivery -- the szechuan rocks.

We had the

Gui Zhou Spicy Beef - Very spicy beef flvored with deep fried potatos and scallions. Amazing, but hot of course. I didn't know that potatos were used much in this kind of style of cooking. Maybe its fusion or something. Not goopy or breaded.

Spicy Chicken with Chinese Broccoli - Like a more authentic version of Chicken/Broccoli. There are slices of jalapeno/serrano (?) peppers in here along with scallions and an excellent sauce. Hard to describe, but much more interesting than the usual ubiquitous chicken/broc in garlic sauce at every other chinese place.

Sauteed Diced Lotus Roots with Spicy Black Bean Sauce - Another excellent and unusual dish. I guess I'd compare lotus roots to a cross between carrots and celery in texture. Flavorwise, they had been so impregnated with the black beans it was hard to really pick out their core flavor, but the dish was still fantastic. I wonder if this is vegetarian so my vegan friends could try it.

We also had some pork potstickers to start, but they were a little tough and not as good as the other stuff.

This place rocks. What other things should we try next off their menu?


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  1. -chong quing crispy toothpick chicken
    -spicy diced string bean w/ pork (addictive but can serve 8)
    -eggplant w/ wonder sauce
    -Ma Pa Tofu
    -Tea Smoked duck if you like things REALLY smokey

    There is also an amazing prawn dish I had once but never figured out what it was on subsequent orders

    1. Anything with pork belly, especially double cooked pork. If they don't ask, be sure to ask for the fatty version.

      Anything from the Mao Tse Tung section.

      Braised Whole Fish with Hot Bean Sauce

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        Cool - thanks folks - I'll check those out!

      2. From the 9th Ave./24th St. location, I've always enjoyed the "We would be two love birds flying" entree (you can't make up a name like that!) as all get-out and very good.

        1. So as follow up, we went in there last night and tried some of the things folks on this thread had suggested (Thanks Chico!)

          chong quing crispy toothpick chicken : holy cow this is hot! about 60% a blend of dried peppers including those tiny numbing ones. wow.

          spicy diced string bean w/ pork : also amazing and plenty for leftovers. a little greasy but hey this is Chinese food so you have to leave your grease/salt mores at the door.

          eggplant w/ wonder sauce : they called this cold eggplant in spicy szechuan sauce. a great starter and a surprisingly meaty chunky of eggplant. not sure if this really vegetarian though.

          Ma Pa Tofu : spicy fried tofu which if its vegetarian would be a real treat for non meat eaters. very spicy and great with white rice. not as flagrantly peppery as some of the other dishes but it sneaks up on you

          Tea Smoked duck : this is a big slab of smoked duck then fried crispy served with steamed buns. you cut open the buns and stuff them with the duck, slivered cucumburs and the plum sauce and enjoy. I'm not sure I've had anything this prominently smoky tasting , even in a BBQ shack. The smoky tasting stays on my burps for 12 hours, which is kind of gross.
          Braised Whole Fish with Hot Bean Sauce

          Baby Bok Choy : Everything was so hot we needed something to lighten up the flavors and add a little texture. These are good too.

          Thanks CHers for the suggestions.


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          1. re: AKR

            We popped back in a few nights ago and had the

            Dan Dan Noodles
            Pan Fried Dumplings
            Gui Zhou Spicy Chicken
            Shanghai Bok Choy

            The Dan Dan noodles were wonderfully, but hotter than the SO could handle, as was the spicy chicken. I actually didn't think the Gui Zhou was that hot but I have a higher threshold than her.

            The place was packed at 8pm, mostly with knowledgeable folks. I saw little "American Chinese" around the place. This is such a great value.


          2. Don't forget the sauteed pea shoots!