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Oct 13, 2006 01:18 AM

$5 lunch around Yonge & College

I work at Bay and College and usually, due to being busy at work, brown bag lunch. However, sometimes I want something more. So, I am looking to discover inexpensive, tasty places in the area. Takeout would be preferred as I could eat at my desk (I know, that is so gauche and North American) but sometimes I could sit down and stay. I know there are lots of places - what are your suggestions?

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  1. Ginger Two on Yonge just south of College. Decent Vietnamese and if you do sandwiches and/or fresh rolls, you can get away with less than $5. If that doesn't include tax there should be some other options as well.

    1. wanna talk about gauche, i'm a fan of fit for life in the food court. i get the donair with sweet sauce and a salad and a drink. i think it comes out to not much more than $5.

      i also reccomend red and white on yonge north of college on the east side of the street.

      not just noodles at yonge and wellesley has a fixed lunch for around $5, you choose between some stuff, it's basically buffet though, so be forewarned, it's not fresh to order. you can get fresh to order stuff, it's just not on the cheap fixed price menu.

      i think you can get some good stuff at sushi garden also at yonge and wellesley for around $5. i actually really love this place, wonderful cucumber avacado rolls and fabulous beef teriyaki (can't spell, sorry).

      there's four to get you started...

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        For $5 at Kyoto Sushi at Yonge and Alexander you can get chicken teriyaki with rice, salad and soup. The portion is huge and well worth the money.
        I was never impressed with Sushi Garden myself.
        Yesterday I went to Yummy BBQ a Korean Restaurant on the west side of Yonge, north of College. They have a lunch special for $3.99 where you get a stir fry and rice. It was good and I was full.

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          to follow up on my post - at not-just-noodles i got the hot table special. i got soup, general tao's chicken, steamed rice (they only list fried, but you can get steamed if you ask)and an egg roll for $4.99 +tax (take out, so no tax). someone beside me got the chicken, some noodles and a generous helping of veggies, also for $4.99 +tx.

          it obviously wasn't the best chinese food i've ever had, but it was decent, and certainly good value for money.

        2. There is a good shawarma place on Yonge, just south of Gerard. Can't remember the name of the place, but it is next door to the Big Slice, on the east side on Yonge. Both the chicken and veal shawarma are good, and they will even do half and half for you.

          Red and White (north of College) is also good for shawarma, but avoid it for dinner as I have found the meat to be too dry by that point.

          1. i concur with yummi bbq. my goodness is that place cheap. i think the most expensive thing on the menu is like $11 (oh but they have some special that's posted ont he wall for $15 i think)
            i didn't really order anything, except dumplings (10 for $4) they were ok, a bit greasy though.
            this place has pictures of all of their dishes on the wall so u can see what you are getting. this place though has NO fresh veggies, i guess they aren't used much in korean cooking. you are looking at mostly carbs, protein and pickled vegs.

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              I adore Yummy BBQ! I usually get the choice of meats combo meal (I usually pick the pork and the ribs). You get so much, that I can take enough home for lunch the next day! Some day, I'd like to try one of their noodle soup dishes.

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                Their lunch special is 3.99. When I am in the mood for something really spicy, I go for the Spicy chicken on rice... for 4 bucks!

              2. Ritz's Caribbean at Yonge and College has $3.99 jerk chicken lunch to go for stay.