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Hunan's Restaurant in Alhambra (review with photolink)

Last night, my dining group made a foray into Alhambra to try out the Hunan cuisine at Hunan's restaurant. We ordered a total of 9 different dishes and we definitely chowed down. For the most part, I'd say that the dishes were hit and miss. Either I really liked a particular dish a lot or there would be something I probably would never order again.

The three standouts for me included the following:

* Toss-Fried Mutton with Cilantro - The mutton was tender and upon taking the first bite, the dish didn't seem that spicy, but then it does give you a zing on your palate after swallowing. I also liked the grassiness of the cilantro.

* Toss-Fried Chicken with Hot Sauce - Everything just came together, the heat, the texture, the flavor!

* Steamed Hunan Style Spicy Fresh Fish (Whole) - This fish was awesome. The meat was moist and delicate plus the sauce really complemented the fish meat as opposed to overwhelming it.

The two dishes I would skip over are:

* Three Flavored Dumplings - Not much flavor here. In fact, these dumplings were beyond bland.

* Eggplant & Ground Pork with Pickled Vegetables - Normally, I love eggplant, but this dish was way too salty for my taste.

Overall, I would make my way back to Hunan's Restaurant again. There were a lot of items on the menu I wasn't able to try this time, but would like to another time and hopefully, I'll have even more hits than last night.

To see pics, go to:


Hunan's Restaurant
903 W. Valley Blvd.
Alhambra, CA, 91803

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  1. Agree with you on that Hunan mutton/cilantro dish. Had it the first time I ate there, and it provided a very sneaky kick that is not noticed on first bite, but succeeding ones.
    Also agree with you on their overuse of salt, which is my only complaint, and it is not an insignificant one, but it seems most spicy-flavored Chinese food suffers similarly - meaning the msg thing.

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      Hunanese food is by far the saltiest I've eaten in China. Especially when you get to some of the more regional areas, the salt level increases significantly. The fact that it is ultra-salty leads me to believe it is actually closer to the authentic taste.

    2. Great review! Sounds like you had some great Hunan dishes. The picture of someone mixing up those spiced noodles is really cute.

      - Chubbypanda


      1. It is owned by the owner of the former and lamented Crown Cafe on San Gabriel Blvd., replaced by a much inferior Chung King (and inferior to its former local on Garfiield in Monterey Park).

        1. hunanese food is known for being salty. or at least thats what my dad tells me. (he's hunanese) but his family never ate hunanese for some reason.

          im going there tonight with my food possee...

          and you can always ask them not to cook with msg.

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            Actually, the only thing I found salty was the eggplant with pickled vegetables. Everything else was fine in that respect.

          2. cool pics and great review abby! this place is right down my alley. i'll have swing by.

            1. Nice review and very helpful pics. How many of you were there sharing this feast?

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              1. went tonight with 10 peeps.

                lets see if i can recall what we had, i dont know the titles but just remembering the dishes:
                fish head with chilis (#1 on the recommended dishes) (i liked this but i like fish head)
                lamb with cumin (tasty)
                winter melon with salty egg (also tasty)
                "A" vegetable stir fried (actually everything was tasty)
                spicy sea snails (conch)
                spicy "hand tossed" chicken (on the specials section)
                a metal bowl on a burner with chinese sausage, hunanese ham, and tofu. very tasty but with lots of oil and meat drippings. not a bad thing for me...
                shimp with green beans, (ok but kinda boring)
                napa cabbage with dried shrimp and perhaps some other stuff
                may have had one other dish but i cant remember
                we had two haw berry fruit juices and two pitchers of beer.
                two containers of white rice.

                total was 136.00 i think...
                everyone was pretty pleased with the meal...

                we hit up phoenix down the road for dessert and got milk custard with ginger. grass jelly with melon, silken tofu with tapioca balls and mango and some coconut covered mochi rice cake thing


                1. How can I become a member of your dining group? You go to some great restaurants and seem to go at least once a month, if not once a week. I join another dining group through CH and they rarely had any dining events.

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                    You can join my dining group at the link below:


                    I actually host between 8 to 12 dining events a month. I sometimes just don't have time to do recaps for all of them. Anyway, come and join us! :