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Oct 13, 2006 12:33 AM

Delivery to Fairfax Station

I have been working out in Fairfax Station and was wondering if there are any good places that deliver in the area. If I have to have pizza one more day I may go insane! Thanks!

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  1. Depends, where in station? I used to live in Burke so I know a couple Chinese resto's that would hit station but not all of it as it gets closer to Clifton.

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      Not sure exactly. Which ones are they and I can give them a call. Thank you.

    2. A couple of places are:

      1. Steak-n-Things located at Village Station (Silverbrook & Hooes)
      2. Hunan Lorton (off Ox Road)

      1. There's so little in this area! Steak n Things is much better than you'd expect. They have good kebabs, but they also serve green beans from a can. Worth trying out and decent for the few places here. Hunan Lorton is also hit or miss, as is Tau Tau, depending on what you get. Hunan Lorton has better chow fun, Tau Tau's is terrible. Tau Tau has a good eggplant dish my husband loves. They're both more american chinese food. Genarro's (down Silverbrook road) is okay, not for pizza because it's thin and not good if it's not fresh. I like Viva Pizzeria but we usually get pizza and salads. If you're closer to Ox Road/123, you have a lot better selection from Burke restaurants. Ho's Dynasty is really good. I've heard good things about Pacific Cafe in the same plaza. We do a lot of take out from Cedar Cafe in Burke (we love this place) and Aladdin's.

        1. Ho's Dynasty should be good again as they've recovered their head chef. He was out for about a year. IIRC, they decided to include taiwanese food items on their menu. Don't know if that's still standing or not.