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Oct 13, 2006 12:04 AM

Best Fried Chicken

I'm craving fried chicken right now and have no idea where to go.

Any suggestions? Preferably close to Lexington. Looking for something quick, casual and very tasty.


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  1. Don't laugh, but your best bet might be KFC! There are few good places for fried chicken in Boston, and even fewer around Lexington.

    Having said that, if you can get down to Alewife by the Route 2 rotary (about 10 minutes from Lexington), you might want to hit the Summer Shack, as they are supposed to have decent fried chicken.

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    1. re: hiddenboston

      Not sure if you saw the subway thread but this is similar to it. I'm not a kfc fan but there is one I swear by. On the Pawtucket/east providence line there is a kfc on Newport ave that is great. I'll try the one you recommend next time in the area.

    2. The fried chicken at Coast Cafe (River Street Cambridge) was reviewed in the Globe Calendar and has been the subject a number Chowhound posts. I think the reviewe was spot on. Dark meat is quite good but the Breast is a little dry and the sides are good not great. Overall much better than KFC, IMO.

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      1. re: gourmaniac

        I think Coast Cafe's fried chicken is fantastic, but if you like your fried chicken greasy (Dom Irerra: "and mean that in a good way"), KFC supplies that element better. CC's is fresh and light. For sides, I like their cabbage a lot.

      2. I like Coast Cafe's fried chicken.

        For something a little out of the ordinary, Mulan does a great fried chicken appetizer..Taiwanese style with chili and basil.

        1. I can vouch for the fried chicken at Summer Shack. An order is very large. It's also nice that you can also order the chicken by the piece.

          1. Something Savory on Mass Ave in Arlington Heights (same block as Brigham's) has Caribbean-style fried chicken (a bit spicy and with cornmeal coating, IIRC). I liked it the one time I tried it.

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              I've tried this also but preferred Coast cafe. spicing was nice but I didn;t care for the mouth feel.