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Oct 12, 2006 11:49 PM

Dinner after the Mark Taper

Looking for a good medium level or 'cheap and cheerful' restaurant for dinner after the Lynn Redgrave show tomorrow night. We eat pretty much all types of food. Asian would be good. Italian, too. We could walk or move the car. Thanks for your recommendations.

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  1. Haru-lala is a great little izakaya place in Little Tokyo. It's inexpensive, food is great, and open quite late.

    1. I agree about Haru LaLa. It's a casual Izakaya place open till 2 am. My wife and I went after seeing Doubt...sat at the counter and ordered 8 or so dishes that were simply and freshly prepared. Love the steamed clams, the whole sardine stuffed with roe, and the yellowtail collar.

      368 e 2nd St near Central.