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Oct 12, 2006 11:36 PM

Inexpensive Meal around Yonge Street and Bloor St.

I find myself frequently in Yonge & Bloor area. (A little south of bloor). And I forsee it to become a habit in this near future, I would like some suggestions for dinner. Walking distance please? (Especially we are heading into winter) Good food rather than good astmophere. Recommend some dishes too! Thanks!

(P.S. I am editing down footage of the eating day trip. Something will come soon!)

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  1. The spot I tend to end up at is Saigon Sister. Good solid inexpensive Thai-style food. on Yonge south of Bloor.

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    1. re: Otonabee

      Cool. Any dish recommendations?

      1. re: cwong5

        The appetizer platters (meant to be shared, they are bigger and more expensive than the mains) make a nice meal, very tasty, but I haven't had good luck with the mains.

      2. re: Otonabee

        I find Saigon Sister overpriced and overrated. The food is not bad. I just can't justify paying that much for Vietnamese food that isn't more than an unimaginative western spin on how to serve it in slick surroundings.

        Go to Ginger on Yonge or Church St few blocks aways, or even Indochine on Collier off Yonge (couple of blocks north of Bloor). Tempus on Yonge 2 blocks south of Wellesley for Persian food. I also like Ritz for quick Caribbean. Diner's Corner has great Island cooking on Gloucester off Yonge (spicy Jerk or savoury stewed chicken with warm festival fried bread and dipping gravy).

        1. re: ah123

          Indochine is near-authentic Vietmese cuisine served in slick surroundings and is even more pricey than Saigon Sister.

      3. Okonomi House (on Charles St. just east of Bay or one block west of Yonge) has good okonomi (Japanese pancake) and nice teriyaki. That is all they serve though. It is worth going to just for the location and the uniqueness of the restaurant. There is nothing else like this place.

        Volo has great beer at great prices. It is one block north of Wellesely on the east side of Yonge at Dundonald(?). The food isn't bad, but portions are small and the prices high.

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        1. re: Atahualpa

          Yum Yum Yum... I think I am having Okonomi House for dinner tomorrow night. I will post up some pics. Thanks!!

          1. re: cwong5

            I second Okinomi House - I love the place!

            1. re: oracle347

              I did Okinomi House last night. The Okinomi was good. 2 people. I ordered a chicken and a shrimp Okinomi, plus an order of chicken teriyaki. The sauce on the Okinomi was be a bit much for me. I guess easy on the sauce is my special order. But they are delicious along with a brilliantly made teriyaki chicken. Great find all in all. Thanks guys!! (Tonight will be something in the Roy’s square. Hum.. I can’t wait) I will post up some shot of dinner last night!)

              1. re: cwong5

                I think favourite part might be the excellent bean sprouts that come with the teriyaki.

                The Egg Custard desert is nice too. Although, it is really simply KozyShack Creme Caramel simply turned out onto a plate. But, that said, I'm not about to buy it and keep it around the house and KozyShack's quite good -- especially the chocolate pudding.

            1. re: Atahualpa

              I tried Okonomi house today and although I'm not a huge okonomiyaki fan, I must say their version is very good. I ordered some bonito flakes and put it on top and it added just a bit of saltiness/smokiness to offset the sweetness of the teriyaki sauce. I had the shrimp okonomi and a side order of mixed vegetables (this was VERY good, crunchy and sweet). The prices are good, the servings reasonably sized (I couldn't finish my order).

              Next time I'm trying the chicken teriyaki...

            2. On Roy's Square you can find the following restaurents: Vietnamese/Asian, Chinese, Japanese/Korean, Veggie/Salad, Jamaican, Indian.

              Most of these are mainly take out, but the Indian one has table cloths and table service in the evening.

              (From Yonge St. it's just north of The Shoe Company, from Bloor it's just east of Harvey's.)

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              1. re: Teep

                I second both Roy's square (especially the Indian place), and Okonomi House. There's also Ginger just south of Bloor on Yonge, if you're in the mood for Vietnamese.

                1. re: squeaks

                  I second's my favourite take-out in the Yonge & Bloor area.

                  1. re: phoenikia

                    I used to go to Ginger from the day it opened when I lived in TO- the one closer to Bloor is better (for some reason) from one towards Gerrard... I make a beeline there whenever I am in TO, and last time (January) I was back-- and they STILL do not have lemongrass chicken on the menu but I always order it and they always have it... their banh mi are great and small enough to make an appie (vs the banh mi in Calgary which are always massive)

                    1. re: John Manzo

                      Yes the Ginger at Yonge/Bloor is best. Love their fish in tomato sauce on rice, and chicken bahn mi. The one near Gerrard suffers from really bad decor. The one at Church has good decor but poor ventilation, I came out smelling like I've been cooking in the kitchen!

                2. re: Teep

                  Just got home from BirYahi House (indian Food). It was amazing! The spices on all the food were just right! One of the best Indian food in Toronto. Check out some pictures.


                  1. re: cwong5

                    Glad you liked it! But I seem to remember that Biriyani House has a small menu. I personally like Nataraj best for Indian food, they're on Bloor west of Spadina.

                    1. re: Teep

                      The Nataraj used to be fantastic, but has really gone downhill in the last few years. No longer Chow-worthy at all.

                    2. re: cwong5

                      Fantastic Indian. Fast and great portions.

                      The Butter chicken here is wonderful!

                  2. I really look the noodle dishes/soups at Zyng and I love their szechuan green beans.

                    1. fire on the east side, yonge & glouster

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                      1. re: pinkbuddhacookie

                        While I love Fire on the East Side, and would highly recommend this place, I would not consider it on my list of inexpensive places to go. While I do not think it is expensive and think that it is worth every penny, I just don't think that sandwiches for $11 is cheap.

                        I would just like to once again say how great this place is to eat. Actually I think that I will have to go next week for lunch.

                        1. re: camp1980

                          What are the stand out items on the menu?

                          1. re: hungryabbey

                            That is the problem with Fire on the East Side, everything on the menu that I have had has been great. The 7 Layer Veggie Supreme sandwich is always a great choice. The '3 B snadwich' is one that I always enjoy.
                            I have only eaten there at lunch so I can't help out with the dinner menu. Check out their website

                            1. re: camp1980

                              Thanks, i was always curious now I know I'll have to go.

                          2. re: camp1980

                            I guess you are right, its not really really inexpensive, but I don't find that the prices are too high, considering you get very large portions (or I seem to when ever I have eaten there)

                            1. re: camp1980

                              I've looked at their menu and it sounds yummy. However every time I've walked by there at lunch it always seems to be empty. Does it get busy? They even have a nice patio which didn't seem to be occupied. Not wanting to break my (learned the hard way) rule of not eating in empty restaurants, I haven't tried it.

                              1. re: ddelicious

                                Now that I think of it, it has never been busy. I would consider this place a hidden gem.
                                Went there with a large group for a good-bye party one time and while the food was still fantastic, we learned that the kitchen is small and not able to handle large crowds. I would take this to mean that the best time to go would be when they are not busy.
                                And just as an FYI, there were 30 of us in the group and people couldn't stop talking about how great their meals were. Not one single person complained about the food.