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Oct 12, 2006 11:16 PM

Apple Cider and Apple Cider Doughnuts

Does anyone know where I can find unpasturized cider around Philadelphia? At college this was the time when we would head over to the Cornell Orchards and load up on it.

Also, in a less healthy but equally tasty vein, does anyone know where I can find fresh (maybe even hot) apple cider doughnuts?



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  1. Don't know if they have unpasteurized cider but Northbrook Orchards (the orchards of which turned into houses) still has excellent cider donuts. It's not far from Longwood Gardens.

    1. Moods market. It is located in South Jersey on the road between Mullica Hill and Pole Tavern circle (route 70?). They have hayrides too.

      1. Same question, but for Pittsbugh: Where can I find cider doughnuts and hot mulled cider to dip them it?

        1. Linvilla Orchards in Media PA and Springdale Farms in Marlton NJ both have warm cider doughnuts.
          The absolute best apple cider I ever had was from Vollmecke Orchards in Coatesville PA. Usually, orchards will use the dropped apples to make the cider, giving it a slightly rotting taste. But Vollmecke's cider is crisp and fresh.

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            I thoght using the dropped apples was dnagerous and started a big outbreak some years ago, causing many places to have to start pasteurizing their cider even if they never used dropped apples. A quick Google search shows many states prohibit the use of dropped apples in cider. Thank you.

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              I'll second the recommendation for linvilla orchard's fantastic cider doughnuts. oh, how I miss those doughnuts...

            2. Not in PA but you might check out Milburn Orchards in Elkton, MD, just over the DE state line. I don't think they have unpasteurized cider (alas) but they do have excellent cider donuts, which you could probably get hot if you got there earlier in the morning...

              info here: