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Apple Cider and Apple Cider Doughnuts

Does anyone know where I can find unpasturized cider around Philadelphia? At college this was the time when we would head over to the Cornell Orchards and load up on it.

Also, in a less healthy but equally tasty vein, does anyone know where I can find fresh (maybe even hot) apple cider doughnuts?



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  1. Don't know if they have unpasteurized cider but Northbrook Orchards (the orchards of which turned into houses) still has excellent cider donuts. It's not far from Longwood Gardens.

    1. Moods market. It is located in South Jersey on the road between Mullica Hill and Pole Tavern circle (route 70?). They have hayrides too.

      1. Same question, but for Pittsbugh: Where can I find cider doughnuts and hot mulled cider to dip them it?

        1. Linvilla Orchards in Media PA and Springdale Farms in Marlton NJ both have warm cider doughnuts.
          The absolute best apple cider I ever had was from Vollmecke Orchards in Coatesville PA. Usually, orchards will use the dropped apples to make the cider, giving it a slightly rotting taste. But Vollmecke's cider is crisp and fresh.

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            I thoght using the dropped apples was dnagerous and started a big outbreak some years ago, causing many places to have to start pasteurizing their cider even if they never used dropped apples. A quick Google search shows many states prohibit the use of dropped apples in cider. Thank you.

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              I'll second the recommendation for linvilla orchard's fantastic cider doughnuts. oh, how I miss those doughnuts...

            2. Not in PA but you might check out Milburn Orchards in Elkton, MD, just over the DE state line. I don't think they have unpasteurized cider (alas) but they do have excellent cider donuts, which you could probably get hot if you got there earlier in the morning...

              info here: http://www.milburnorchards.com/

              1. How about the Reading Terminal? They usually have an apple festival and the Amish are there Wednesday to Saturday.

                1. Fahnestock Fruit Farm has an unpasteurized cider that tastes fine to me, just squeezed apples according to the grower. It's available at their stands in the farmer's markets around Philly: Chestnut Hill, Ritt. Square, Clark Park and Roxborough are those that I know of, though on different days of the week. 717 665-7764 is the # on their label.

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                    Yup, Fahnestock cider is delicious, not crazy sweet and very appley.Their cider is a blend a several kinds of apples and tastes very fresh. I love it.

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                      To jump along this post, there are several stands in the Philly farmer's markets that sell cider that are all good to me (though some are slightly better than others). I enjoy the place that sells the asian pear cider the most (not Fahnestock, I don't think) - they're at Headhouse on Sundays and Clark Park on Thursdays (like tonight).

                    2. I don't know if you will find any unpasterized cider. Two places for the pasterized is Solebury Orchards near New Hope and Styer's Orchards near Sesame Place in Langhorne, Pa. Styer's also has the doughnuts. Really hard to come by. Wish I could find other places in and around the Bucks County area with them.

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                        Have you tried Nonesuch near Doylestown. http://nonesuchfarms.com/

                        Hard to get unpasturized any more because it turns so fast.

                        Another Farm Market that may have it is Maple Acres Farm Market, Plymouth Meeting: http://www.mapleacresfarmmarket.com/a...

                        We went apple picking with the grands near Reading this weekend at Ontelaunee Orchards: http://www.twin-o.com/pyo.html

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                          Merrymead Farm in Blue Bell has hot apple cider doghnuts and they are so worth the trip! They also sell hot cider, their own ice cream, too. Fun to pick out your pumpkin, too.

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                            I always buy my pumpkin from there Daisy! Can't wait to chow down and get my jack o lantern on this weekend.

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                              Have an extra doughtnut for me! What a great, simple pleasure.

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                              Do you know if Merrymead Farm has those hot apple cider donuts in the summer? I am coming up in Philly in a week and would LOVE to have one of those donuts- its been about 10 years!

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                              "Turn" is quite a matter of opinion, I (and many French, British, & Spanish) would simply say it ferments, grows more complexity and thus gets tastier! Though speaking for both the fresh and fermented, a 3rd vote here on the Fahnestock! The local North Star Orchards asian pear cider is great too (though they flash pasturize), if you can get to Headhouse Square or Clark Park on Thursdays.

                          2. What a coincidence! I read this post yesterday, then went home to find an article in my local paper about a place called Bauman's, in Sassamanville, PA. OK, I didn't know where that was either, but after a quick trip to Google Maps, I see that it's off of PA 73, in the vicinity of Gilbersville, past Schwenksville. If you decide to go, you can check out the Gilbertsville Farmers Market & Auction, which is an experience all by itself. But that's a whole other post!

                            The link to the article is below. They have a really old time cider press, do daily pressings, and will even press your own apples for you in a custom run. The description of their apple butter sounds awesome.

                            Here's the link to the article: http://www.zwire.com/site/index.cfm?n...

                            Here's the link to Bauman's website: http://www.baumanfamily.com/

                            I think I may make a trip out there myself!!

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                              Another great place , if you happen to be in the Lancaster county area , is Funk's Farmers Market in Millersville . The best apple cider dough nuts I've had , not to mention the best pies I've had since my moms .

                            2. If you can ever get out to the West Chester area, try Northbrook Orchards and Highland Orchards AWESOME donuts(often still warm in the morning) and cider.
                              Might Trader Joe's have that kind of cider? An idea

                              1. The best apple cider I know of is from North Star Orchards, sold at the Sunday Headhouse Farmer's Market. Someone mentioned it (but didn't know the name) a few posts ago. They also sell at Clark Park market in West Philly, on Saturday? Yes, they also make the Asian Pear cider, but I think the apple is better. They also sell amazing varietal cider made from their great Gold Rush apples but you have to order it in advance and they only bring it to market on November 16, and it is very limited quantity. North Star has the best selection of apples, too, all kinds of unusual heirloom varieties that I have never seen anywhere else.

                                As for apple cider donuts, good ones come Delicious Orchards in New Jersey, but it's a ways from Philly. You can order them online now, but they aren't going to be hot....

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                                  Sorry, I see that North Star is at Clark Park on Thursdays, not Saturdays.

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                                    To piggy back on this, if anyone is interested in the Gold Rush cider/apples/other North Star items, the website is here (to order in advance):

                                  2. In regards to your cider inquest, Weavers Orchard located on route 10 near Morgantown would be worth the ride. Their cider is unpasturized, it's processed in the same manner as spring water. We were there on Sat. and purchased apple cider, pear cider and a mosst deliciious apple cherry cider. the cherries were pressed form their home grown tart cherries with tart cherry juice from michigan added.

                                    1. I just picked up some non-pasteurized cider at Barnard's Orchards on Rt. 842, a short distance east of Kennett.

                                      1. I'll add Kauffman's Fruit Farm to the list as well. They're along RT 340 in Bird-In-Hand (http://www.kauffmansfruitfarm.com), about an hour from Philly. I believe the stuff they normally sell is pasteurized, but since they make it right there, you may be able to get some unpasteurized if you stop in.

                                        You can also purchase their cider online at http://www.amishtastes.com

                                        1. Barnards Orchards just past or before depending on which way you are traveling on 842 in Unionville , excellent cider served both ways ......Pick up Snapdragons while you are there.

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                                            I think I hear an echo... echo... echo... :)

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                                              If you are looking for apple cider donuts, go to Northbrook Orchards, just down the road from Barnards Orchards; very good! BUT, if you are looking for a real country orchard experience, venture west from Northbrook, almost walking distance, to Barnards. EUREKA; what a place! Dynamite cider, great fruit and vegetables, including corn and heirloom tomatoes, Mrs. Wickersham's eggs (from RI Reds), and genuinely nice country people. Nice to leave the yuppies behind every now and then! ENJOY!!!

                                          2. if you're coming up from the Jersey shore to Philly, Simones Apple Farm in Vineland, NJ usually has unpasturized cider http://www.cumberlandnewjersey.com/ci...

                                            1. Penn Vermont Farm, Route 113 And Rolling Hills Rd Bedminster, PA. Phone: 215-795-0230.

                                              1. Good luck trying to find it UN pasteurized! The whole world has become so "Health Conscious Obcessed" it's hard to find real, basic honest foods!! Maybe we should just press our own, for our own consumption!

                                                1. Tabora on Stump Rd in Chalfont has cider doughnuts, but I haven't tried them.

                                                  1. Styer Orchards Market makes the apple cider doughnuts fresh every day beginning at 5:30 am. They dredge them in a sugar cinnamon mix (most popular), keep some plain, and frost some in chocolate and some in vanilla icing--not glazed. You can smell them when you walk in the front door! They are usually all gone by around 1:00, but you can call ahead and order some so your doughnuts will be waiting for you. Don't visit without getting a fresh baked pie, either! They start coming out of the oven around 7:30 am and you can see them on the cooling racks behind the bakery counter. Mmmmm! I have also mailed them to my mom in Florida, and they are fresh as ever after reheating in a toaster oven--not a microwave, an oven!