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Oct 12, 2006 10:41 PM

Cici's Pizza Buffet

I've been seeing many ads on TV and heard on radio for the Cici's chain of pizza buffet's. I've been to the Ft. Lauderdale one near relatives and hope one would come closer to central NJ. Now with the explosion of ads for it, I've checked their website and found none around here.

Anyone know if there are plans to bring one here? They're spending a fortune to advertise them to me, yet there are none to go to...a real waste of ad money if that's the case.

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  1. I know you're not seeking opinions about Cici's, but for the benefit of those who haven't been, here's my take. You get what you pay for. And around here (D.C. suburbs), you will probably leave saying you got your $4.99's worth...but not much more. Around Central Jersey, I'd think you could find someplace offering a decent salad and pizza buffet for around $10.

    It's readily apparent how Cici's is able to feed you for $4.99. No tomatoes on the salad bar. Microscopic portions of sausage and chicken on the pizzas. Spaghetti with red or cheese sauce, but no meat in sight.

    The quality of the food isn't so much bad as it is institutional--I'd put it a step above public school food only because the pizzas are served fresh out of the oven. You'll only leave disappointed if you go in with huge expectations for your $4.99.

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      Cici's Pizza. Escondido, CA. 760-746-7678 thats the only one I could fine aroud here.

    2. I was dragged to a Cici's in Dallas. I now call it Fici's
      It is absolutely dreadful. It won't last a zeptosecond in NJ.

      1. i know exactly wat ur talking about, i keep seeing all these camercials, but i just went online to find where one is around here but there isn't one. i don't understand what these ads are for.

        and btw cici's is very good, i had it up in washington, and i know there weren't any down here in california, but then when i saw the ads, i figured they were opening up, it's really wierd.

        1. >>i don't understand what these ads are for<<

          To drive people batty, so they eventually convince THE MEDIA to cover them properly, so they don't have to spend so !@#$% much on advertising...


          1. I would never ever ever eat there for a destination for dinner, but it is a godsend for feeding an entire school bus of kids. They absolutely love it, the one's Ive taken really pile on the salads (which many don't get at home), which totally suprised me the first time out.