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Oct 12, 2006 10:38 PM

Reasonably Priced & Early Dinner for 8 in Montreal?

I will be 1 in a group of 8 visiting Montreal this Saturday. We're looking for a reasonably priced place for dinner between 4 - 5 in the afternoon (yes I know, hardly the French Bistro dining experience). By reasonable, I mean $30 per person (give or take). Searches for early options have yeilded little. Ideas?

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  1. What kind of food/kind of place are you looking for? Estimate includes wine? would you prefer a byob? what area of town if it matters?...there may be some ideas, need more info.
    Assuming dinner to start between 4 and 5, correct?

    1. All good questions... (as you can see I am new to the site). We are flexible for the type of food. It should not be formal, as we will not be dressed up. A place that has a full bar is preferred so people can order mixed drinks if they prefer. The $30 assumes no wine/drinks. The area of town does not matter so much, but close to St. Catherine would be ideal (this is where we are catching a film after dinner). And yes, dinner to start between 4 and 5.

      Thank you!

      1. I'd suggest one of my favorites.... A little bistro type place on Park Avenue. Not near St. Catherine, but in your price range and really great food for the price... Le Margaux (www.lemargaux.com). Since you want to eat that early, I'd suggest calling for reservations. They may not normally serve before 5:00 but I'm sure if you tell them it's a party of 8, they'd open for you.

        1. The only restaurant that I can think of that is open & serves full meals all afternoon is Le Jardin de Panos on Duluth, it's a bring-your-own-wine Greek restaurant. Food's pretty good. No drinks before dinner, but then, there is the wine:) ! It's a nice, relaxed kind of place, if it's a nice day you can ask to be seated in the garden. Also it's not close to St. Catherine, but taxis are a good option to go back and forth.
          Le Jardin de Panos, 521 Duluth Street East, tel. 514-521-4206