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Oct 12, 2006 10:29 PM

Paris BRUNCH Buffet?

This trip out it seems like we'll only be able to make it to Paris' Brunch buffet on the weekend as we can only get there around noon. We usually go there for breakfast during the week. What additional do they add for the brunch and what breakfast items do they remove? Do they still have the crepes?

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  1. I think they serve the crepes all day. We went when they were closing breakfast and starting lunch. From what I remember the breakfast food was better than the lunch food but it still turned out to be my favorite buffet of the trip. Desserts are incredible!!
    If you are looking for a high-end type of brunch buffet I HIGHLY recommend the Sterling Buffet at Bally's. Pricey but well worth it.
    When we went they were serving lobster, caviar with blini, beef tenderloin, the best rack of lamb I have ever had, sushi with sake, shrimp, chocolate covered strawberries, they had a crepe station.....$62.00 a person and well worth the money spent.
    BTW I did notice that they were still serving crepes when we left the Paris buffet...that is why I am assuming that they serve them all day.

    1. My wife and I had the weekend breakfast at Le Village Buffet a couple of months ago. We arrived for the breakfast about a half-hour before they ended breakfast service and stayed for a least a half-hour into the the brunch service.

      As we recall, when they shifted over to the brunch service, they removed the breakfast items from the hot cereal station and replaced them with the salads and soups they normally have there for lunch. And while they removed some of the hot breakfast items from the various hot stations, they still had plenty of breakfast items available. In fact, you may have noticed during your past trips that during breakfast the breakfast stations sometimes duplicate themselves, and I think they removed some of those duplicates and replaced them with some lunch items. After they shifted to brunch, I recall eating some sushi and seeing the seafood salads. The grilled sausage station (over by the restroom) switched from sausage to grilled veggies. The dessert station also shifted from muffins to desserts, though again (as we recall), both breakfast breads and desserts were available during brunch. Almost all of the breakfast items remained during brunch in one form or another (including the breakfast meats, eggs, and the crepes) though there was less quantity of those items to make room for the lunch items.

      Overall, my impression was that they don't remove many breakfast items and they add a few lunch items (though not very many).

      One big difference was the addition of champagne during brunch. As soon as the brunch service started they started pouring champagne for anyone who requested it to drink. I don't know whether it was part of the price, though they seemed to be pouring it pretty freely, and it didn't look like very expensive champagne, so I'm guessing it came with the price.

      Speaking of which, the price jump from breakfast to brunch was pretty significant. Breakfast is normally something like $15; brunch was something like $25. Although my wife and I enjoy the breakfast and lunch buffets at Paris, we felt that $25 was probably too much for their breakfast-plus-a-few-lunch-items-and-champagne buffet. Next time I think we'll try to get there in time for breakfast, and if we can't we'll try some other place.

      Is that, perhaps, an option for you? Either way, happy eating.

      1. Thanks for the replies, exactly what I was looking for.

        We've been to Bally's Sterling Brunch twice and it is good and a lot of fun. Can't beat all you can eat lobster and sushi that's decent.