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Oct 12, 2006 10:09 PM

Square One Service Improved

Had a stellar breakfast @ Square One today. And, I gotta' say, they must've been reading the posts here or had a very large ear to the ground, because my service was outstanding. Warm, attentive, friendly and efficient. I had the baked eggs w/ chanterelle mushroom ragout over grits w/ melted feta. Really filling and delicious. Friend had the pressed egg sandwich w/2 scrambled egss, tomato, arugula and aioli on toasted brioche. He dug it. Great coffee, great food, great service...and close to home. Glad I went. I'll go again.

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  1. Now what about the Parking?
    If we go to SQ1 for breakfast, it's lunch time by the time I find a Parking space.

    1. That is certainly a problem. However I usually seem to find a metered spot in front of the grimy L.A. Rose Cafe one block east on Fountain. Next time, I'm riding my bike, though.

      1. I was there today as well...we probably passed by each other.

        Had the veg club and SO had the smoked salmon with lemon jelly, dill aioli, and hazelnut brioche. I thought everything was more or less great. What I can't get over is how incredibly affordable this place is. We spend less here than at place like John O'Groats and I don't think there's even a comparison. I've been consistently disappointed in most breakfast places recommended here including Alcove, The Griddle, Nate n Al's, etc. Maybe I'm over old-fashioned. I love the "fine-dining" touches at Square One. It's EXTREMELY rare to find a place that can make an omlette without getting any color on it and pay 7.50 for it. (Yes, I am on the side of the argument that a very good omlette should be very soft with no color)

        I did think the potato salad was a tad vinegar-ey, but I kinda like that. Service was quite good. Oh and we had the daily cake which was a pine nut cake with asian pear, pomegranate, pomegranate syrup, and vanilla cream. Very nice! Very fresh tasting, very mild on the sugar. The cake was something absurd like 4.50 or something.

        Parking sucks, but there's usually a metered spot if you're not going during a prime time.

        As a side note, does anyone else get an urge to do a facial photo collage of all the weird looking Scientology drones walking around in their highwaisted blue slacks in that area?

        1. My big question: is Square One owned/operated by the SciFi's?