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Oct 12, 2006 09:40 PM

Scott Howard - feedback anyone?

I will be in San Francisco in a early November and am thinking of going to Scott Howard on Saturday night when I am there. I am taking 8 people, so I don't want anything too noisey. They are all foodies (and relatives). I would like to get some feedback on Scott Howards (I got a recommendation from the boards) and if you think it's a bad idea, what would be better. I am not price sensitive and want a really great experience. I have been to many of the older "known" restaurants and was looking for something newer.

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  1. The recent reviews have been mixed. I went there several months ago, and even during prime dining hours, the place is at best half-full. Noise level, therefore, is a non-intrusive hum.

    Food wise, I'd describe it as modernized (pretty) comfort food. I would skip any of the Asian influenced dishes.

    I'm not sure if the place would satisfy you and your friends' foodie natures. Many of the good food places I can think of right now would be noisy or older/known.

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      Thanks for the feedback. If you were to pick for party of eight foodies on a Saturday night - where would you go. I'm gathering the answer wouldn't be Scott Howard. I am ready to rethink my older/known and noisey caveats. Any help would be appreciated.

    2. We went there last Friday night and loved it. Our reservation was at 9pm, and I would say it was just about full. It wasn't too loud, but there was just enough noise (I am not a fan of super quiet restaurants, I like a little more energy).

      The food was excellent. I would agree with the above description of modern-ized comfort food. We ordered quite a bit, as we love to eat and like to sample alot. We had the carrot broth, veal cheeks, pork belly, shortribs & steak. Everything we ate was incredible - full of flavor & cooked perfectly. The butterscotch pudding we had for dessert was the best I've ever had.

      There were a few large groups there. I'd recommend it for sure.