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Oct 12, 2006 09:24 PM

Lunch in Salem, MA

Will be visiting Boston area with family who want to spend Sat 10-28 in Salem. Any good Chowish recs for lunch? Two teenagers and 2 adults. Kids seem to think there is special Halloween themed stuff to do in Salem that day. How much time to allow for sightseeing? Any other things to do nearby? Planning on dinner in North End Sat night, Antico Forno still good? Other recs? Where to park rental car in North End? TIA!

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  1. Salem will be a nightmare that day. Literally, figuratively and fantasy-wise. If you MUST eat in Salem that day, pack a lunch. There will be thousands of people roaming the streets and the restaurants will mostly have limited menus because they have to in order to keep up. Use public transportation. The train station is close to the Lyceum, a great spot for lunch. Sounds like your kids will want to be "where the action is" and if you go along with it, you'll be in lines, and surrounded by who knows what on the Common, and around Derby, Congress and Essesx Strreets. Let me re-iterate that you really want to use the train and walk, don't even think of driving to Salem the weekend before Halloween.

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      1. I like Finz for the Buffalo Calamari and it's right on the water. Victoria Station is also a good lunch choice. Salem will be busy for the entire month of October because of Haunted Happenings. If you don't want to take the train in, there is also a ferry that leaves from Long Wharf. Check out for more info.

        1. I think "In A Pig's Eye" would be a casual, fun place to try, but it'll be busy.

          1. Folks, please keep the discussion here about chow. Dicussion of transportation, parking and sightseeing is off topic for this site. Thanks.