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Oct 12, 2006 09:21 PM

Chinese, Thai etc. in Hamilton or western burbs?

Hi - New to Hamilton & feeling like I'm in a culinary wasteland. Have had Pho at Pho Doc Bua and it was really good.

Any recommendations for Chinese , Thai, other Asian in Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville? Dim sum?


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  1. Ben Than on Cannon has great Thai, Vietnamese and right across the street is the best dim sum in the city -- Crystal Dynasty. Lots of Asian/Vietnamese concentrated along Cannon/York Bld which I haven't tried. Also excellent Chinese and dim sum at Iron Chef on Upper Sherman (on the "Mountain") and Limeridge Rd.They even have shrimp toast

    Japanese: EXCELLENT: Matsu Sushi in Dundas. VERY GOOD: Hoya on King East and Dado Sushi in a small plaza near Lime Ridge Mall off Upper Wentworth (across from LCBO)

    Avoid: Sushi Star and whatever the all you can eat buffet is called these days

    Mye Thai on John is popular but I found their pad thai too sweet and ketchup-like so have avoided it since.

    Good Chinese at Le Chinois on King St. East downtown and across the street at Forbidden City.

    Hope this helps... there are a few hidden gems in Hamilton!

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    1. re: Tapyram

      I will second B&T on Cannon, plus they are a very good grocery for some of those hard to find items.

      For Chinese, Le Chinois is decent, however their Orange Beef is phenomenal.

      For Dim Sum - definitely Crystal Dynasty or Iron Chef

      Matsu Sushi in Dundas (on King St W.) is your best choice for Sushi.

      1. re: Mike from Hamilton

        Second the opinion on Le Chinois. Pretty much everything on the menu is decent, with a few outstanding items (the orange beef is awesome).

        However, avoid the other two Le Chinois locations. They do mostly take-out and aren't nearly as good (one on the Mountain near Lime Ridge and one in Burlington in the Brant St power centre).

    2. I agree with much of what is posted above. For Thai, I'd like to add Bahn Thai at Appleby and Fairview in Burlington.

      1. I also agree w B&T, also Le Chinois, as well Forbidden City does a good chinese/szechuan takeout