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Oct 12, 2006 09:08 PM

Seattle - business lunch for 12

Hi, I'm a Bay Area lurker/poster - hoping you guys can help me out.

I need to organize a time-restricted (90 min.) luncheon for 12 in Seattle next month. The other restriction is location - they will be on Elliott @ Cedar for a meeting, and then need to head north on I-5 after lunch. Ideally, the restaurant would be on the way or in between.

They are eating at Earth & Ocean the night before, so that is out.

It shouldn't be too expensive - Earth & Ocean had a $20 prix fixe lunch, which would have been just right.

They don't need a private room - just somewhere they could have a corner to themselves. PNW food would be great (they are Europeans).

Thanks so much!!

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  1. Maximiliens in the Market (1st and Pike) (Alsatian bistro)
    if you are driving you can park in the garage on Union st (1 block south of Pike) between 1st and 2nd

    1. Maximillien's is always a good suggestion. However, since the visitors are all Europeans, do they want French food while in Seattle? I suggest 94 Stewart Street as it offers Pacific Northwest fare and some unusual dishes I think the visitors would enjoy.

      1. Salumi does lunches for groups of about that size. Actually, they may be limited to groups of 8, but they are worth a call. I think standard is $35 per person, but they are great for European visitors. I suggest having a member call and ask to speak with Armendino, or maybe write him a letter so his staff doesn't get a chance to shut you down. Armo is an interesting guy and will sometimes surprise you.

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          Yes! Call Salumi tomorrow! (er, today!) You can also talk to Gina about booking the back room.

        2. I say Waterfront Seafood Grill on Pier 70. Elegant, upscale
          and great seafood. For lunch you may get by for $20 or so
          without drinks. Parking is easy on the pier right in front of the place (valet). It would be an easy drive, less than 5 minutes, to the Mercer on-ramp for north I-5. URL:

          1. I have always found Salumi around lunchtime to be very slow (long waits in line to order) and since their menu is predominantly cured meats and sandwiches, you either love it or hate it...don't know whether there is convenient parking nearby either

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              It's definitely not fast food, but there's no line for the private lunches in the back.