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Oct 12, 2006 08:48 PM

Oceanic in San Mateo

Anyone had a chance to try this place yet? It's at ECR and 25th. I'd heard a few good things and tried it out today - quite good, as it happened. A really nice Hunan beef dish and a very unusual soup. It's nice to see a Hunan option that isn't allergic to a little heat...

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  1. Given that Hunan province is land-locked, a Hunan restaurant called Oceanic seems a bit scary to me. Well, Hunan means south of the lake, so maybe that's the water influence. Is it a seafood specialist (also scary)?

    1. Strangely, no - they have their range of seafood, but the menu is more general purpose. Also, they refer to their cuisine as "Hunan and Mandarin", FWIW...

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        "Hunan and Mandarin" or "Szechwan and Mandarin" are often code words for Korean-Chinese style Shandong food...getting more interesting...did you notice any handpulled noodle dishes?

      2. They did have several noodle options, though as I recall it was more or less a typical lineup of standards. I can't say for certain.

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          Thanks, maybe some of the other San Mateo 'hounds will try it and report back. Here's the contact info. I think that address was China House before.

          2507 S El Camino Real
          San Mateo, CA 94403
          (650) 570-4234