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Oct 12, 2006 08:36 PM

Best lentil soup?

Anywhere in LA. My favorite right now is the stuff at Mrs. Winston's, but I'd be thrilled if there was anything donwtown.

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  1. love the lentil soup at carnival in the valley, cant get enough of this stuff...this place is on woodman just north of ventura blvd in a little strip mall, wonderful lentil soup with a lot of cumin its so delish!

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    1. re: love2chow

      I wrote the same post somewhere else! they do have THE best lentil soup...I always get a large one and yes, never can get least once a week.

    2. I actually looove the patate e lentiche soup at Milano's on South Brand Ave in Glendale. Perfect for this time of the year

      1. damn near lived on lentil soup during my nonmeat phases. sunin on westwood near santa monica; govinda's on venice and watseka, coffee & co on la tijera near lax; excellent lentil and spinach soup at pizzicotto in brentwood as well. i like the plain lentil soup at clementine when they have it, topped with feta cheese.

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        1. re: fermentedthings

          I went to Sunin yesterday based off of this post for my sick BF and it was pretty good! Thanks for the post!

        2. Nook bistro on Santa Monica and W. LA makes a special version, they add some sort of cheese. I always get it without the cheese though and it's a nice, light and tasty soup.

          1. I like Cafe Med's version.