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Oct 12, 2006 08:24 PM

Looking for Great SF Restaurants with Sociable Bar Scene

...that will also serve dinner at the bar. I am coming up towards the end of October by myself and am looking for the best of both worlds--great food, casual and friendly bar ambience where I can hang out and meet the past (many years ago) I usually enjoyed Stars and/or Mooses.....I'm thinking of hitting DiMaggio's on a Thursday--any suggestions for Friday or Saturday that will have a lively and entertaining ambience (please, mid-30's crowd or older--not 20 somethings)....I am open to almost all areas of the city (except Castro--personal preference) and have usually ended up in N. Beach, Washington Square, Union Square, and Marina--any other areas with hip restaurants at the moment without sacrifising quality of food? Thanks.

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  1. Try NoPa, a new place in a neighborhood you might not have otherwise checked out, with a sociable bar scene like you describe. Also maybe Myth.

    1. Add Acqua, Jardiniere, Fringale, Boulevard (bar & dinner bar), and Town Hall.

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      1. re: Paul H

        Yes, Aqua is another perfect one for this posting.

      2. thanks for the tips....a couple of these look fairly close to the Marriott (4th/Market) where I am staying...Myth, Nopa, Town Hall (real cool looking)....I also have come across a place called Coi that looks great as well.

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        1. re: El Chevere

          Coi is great - when I've been there the bar area is quiet, and it's wine only, but I think it's a great place to chill out.

        2. You might also want to check out Frisson. Good bar scene, good food. Youngish crowd on Friday's after work.