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Oct 12, 2006 08:24 PM

HELP a Wife In Need! ASAP...Recs on Decent Place w/ NY METS game on tonight

My husband is a die hard METS fan and their postponed game from yesterday is tonight. I'm supposed to go with him where ever he goes to watch it, but I don't want to go a Hooter's type place or some other randomly awful venue. Does anyone have any suggestions for a place that will have the game and a decent chardonnay, not some thing with screw top cap? West Hollywood, Hollywood, Encino, Studio City, Sherman Oaks, etc. Dear lord, please help a girl out. Thanks!!

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  1. Busby's in Santa Monica isn't so awful and obnoxious. Or, try to find a great restaurant that has a tv at the bar and sit there and sip wine and eat. I remember watching a final four game at Enoteca Drago once. Why not?

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      I love to watch games at the bar of a good steak place like Mastro's and Ruth's Chris. Sometimes you have to be patient for a seat but it pays off.

    2. I would reco Enoteca Drago in Beverly Hills on Canon. Enoteca has a great wine list with lots of fairly priced by the glass options. They have, I would say, good italian food. The specials can be great and they have a small plates menu.

      They have a large flat screen right in the dining room over the bar. There is no sound but you can clearly follow the game.

      1. Try Barefoot on 3rd St, east of Robertson Blvd.

        Or 3rd Stop on 3rd St., across from Cedars...used to be the old Cafe Veneto...
        huge beer selection and tapas menu..

        also have their chocolate pizza which I love.