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Oct 12, 2006 07:33 PM

Great Wine Store Located on B'way at corner (or one block in) from Battery Park

I was walking along Broadway, right near the 'bull" a few months back, and wandered into a great wine store. It was downstairs, in a fairly large space. Does anyone know the name of this place? I'd like to call for their hours before I trek over. Thanks.

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  1. You probably mean the New York Wine Exchange on Broadway and Morris. Here is the URL:

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    1. ny wine exchange is a good wine store. now check those three and you will find even better prices and selection in order

      1. Warehouse Wines & Spirits (astor place)
      2. VINtage New York (broadway and 93rd)
      3. 67 Wine & Spirits Inc (columbus and 67)