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Oct 12, 2006 07:26 PM

Bombay Talkie

What does anyone think of Bombay talkie. looking for good indian food with interesting atmosphere. something like spice market . or should i consider Brick Lane?

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  1. I thought the atmosphere was okay, not as nice as it looks on their website but nice enough.

    Food.....okay. The lamb chops however were delicious. It's definitely not authentic and to me tastes like the food is made for the Western palette.

    1. It is so so dining. For good; expensive and atmosphere go to Devi,Yuva,Tabla. For inexpensive, vegetarian, good and no atmosphere, try Saarvanas (26th & Lex), Chennai Garden (across from Blue Smoke on 27th) or Dimple 30th between 5th & Bwy.

      For avg. asian/indian fusion food and total scene go late to earthnyc on 10th Ave between 17th & 18th.

      1. I really like Surya on Bleecker (they have a great garden for warmer days) although I'm afraid it is not as trendy and cool as Spice Market. But good food and nice, warm room. Lovely staff who really takes care of their customers. Tamarind is also good but I always feel a little ripped off.

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          I like Tamarind, and never feel ripped off, it's a beautiful setting with very good food. My latest fav is Chola. Have always enjoyed Tabla. All of these are more so called 'up scale', and of course will cost more.

        2. Tried the place... nothing great. wud rather go to Bombay Grill on lexington ave. Value, service, food is excellent