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Oct 12, 2006 07:15 PM

Birthday Venue in Silver Lake?

I'm planning a birthday party for between 50-100 people in February and need suggestions for a place that will serve cocktails (or has a bar, or maybe I can even bring my own wine?) and appetizers... Ideal locations would be in Silver Lake or Los Feliz, though I'm open to suggestions for places east of Hollywood and Downtown (if you think they're really fantastic.) Since it'll be winter, I want an indoor venue (with outdoor or covered patios even better!) Thanks for your help!

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  1. That is a lot of people for Silver Lake since most places are pretty small...the Edendale Grill will reserve the back patio for parties and has patio heaters.
    Check out Tiger Lily on Vermont -- it's indoors and also has a small patio, probably one of the few places in the area that can accomodate a group that large.

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      I second Tiger Lily for your party --- I checked out their private dining room once and it even has a separate bar that you can have all to yourself. And there is definitely a covered patio as well.

    2. Cha Cha Cha in Los Feliz is good for a party, tho I think you would have to rent out the entire place. They have an outdoor covered patio, and are not too expensive. Nice, festive atmosphere as well.

      1. 50-100 is a tall order for an EHo place. My guess is just start with places that might let you book the whole joint.

        Cobras and Matadors is pretty sizable. They might fly. Good luck!

        1. Pitfire Pizza in Downtown has a loft space that they reserve for private parties. I'm not sure how many people can fit though. They may allow you to bring in your own wine.

          1. for something slighly off center how about the large thai restaurant above the thailand plaza mall. they can defintely accomodate that many and they have an awesome band to boot!