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Oct 12, 2006 06:40 PM

Iced Green Tea

Does anyone have any suggestions for making a large (around 2 litres) batch of iced green tea without it being bitter.
I've tried a couple of times with decent quality green tea bags and filtered water but it always tastes disgusting.
I sometimes buy Ito En Teas' Tea, which I love, but it's really expensive.

I just want to make a nice, unsweetened, crisp-tasting pitcher of tea.



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  1. I make my iced green teas using Maeda En sencha (green tea) bags & distilled water (which I use for drinking & cooking).

    When I HAD a coffee maker, I would use that to make iced teas. Now, I let the tea bags steep in a pot of hot water for a couple minutes, add room temperature distilled water & refrigerate overnight. Never bitter.

    1. Are you pouring warm/hot water over the tea leaves and letting them steep, and chilling the resulting tea? I have found that starting with cool water and letting it warm slowly over a heating pad will extract the mellow flavors and leave behind the bitter elements that you have mentioned.

      I make iced tea via the sun-tea(gallon filled with cool water with tea and let steep in the sun for 8 hours) method and friends have noticed the difference in flavor.

      I hope this helps.

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        Kelli2006 is right, the sun tea meathod really is THE best way. Never bitter. I was making a wonderful green tea and ginger ice tea this summer. Wonderful! Put in about 3 or 4 tea bags and make sure to cover the top with cling flim.


      2. Start by buying a good quality loose leaf tea. The stuff in bags (even the "good" bags) are leftover quality leaves. Brew a small amount of *very* strong tea (as in way too strong to drink), filter out the leaves, cool, then add water until it is the strength you are happy with.

        1. At work, they've tried offering bottled green tea as an alternative to soda or soft bottle listed 300 calories!!!!! And you could just taste the high fructose corn syrup in it, gag! That was ingredient #2 on the label after water. I feel like telling them: "Don't do us any favors!" Sheesh!

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            Sweetened green tea? No thank you!

          2. I also make sun-tea with green tea leaves infused thru a glass tea ball. Once the tea "brews" I add 1/4 cup of sliced navel oranges or tangerines.