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Oct 12, 2006 06:35 PM

dinner sunday nite walking distance from berkeley rep

any suggestions for places other than great china and jayakarta? been to both recently and need another place conducive to talking with great food.

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  1. I haven't been there in a while, but Downtown has been very good both times I've eaten there. They have a back (large) room with a door to keep out the loud bar and music.

    1. haven't been there in awhile either -- good idea. have you been to la rose?

      1. Venus Restaurant is pretty good. Casual but good food.

        1. We ate at Mount Everset the other night before a show .... atmosphere is not much, and its much too bright inside, but the food is great ... particularly the Nepalese dishes. The Berkeley Special ($18.99 - Tandoor shrimp & chicken, a wonderful lamb/cilantro dish, an Indian-style vegetable curry, a small bowl of dal, Rice, Naan and a couple other things) is enough for two to share, with maybe another dish thrown in too -- the Balinese chicken (about $8) was a very good accompaniment.

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          1. re: djh

            Have they changed the old Burger King furniture?

            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              Nope, still the same. In fact I think you're the one that tipped me off to the place on tnis board. Bad furniture, good food. Perfect chow.

              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                They dressed it up a little. While the plastic booths remain, the tables have tablecloths and there are regular chairs at some tables. I liked Mt Everest and am always happy to see they seem to be doing good business when I drive by.

                My dinner at Mt. Everest

              2. re: djh

                Mount Everest
                2011 Shattuck (at University)

                We were there a few times just after it opened and really liked it.

              3. What about Angeline's for Creole food? I know there was some discussion about authenticity of the gumbo but I've enjoyed it two times, and loved the hush puppies and the barbecued shrimp.

                Angeline's Restaurant
                2261 Shattuck Ave
                Berkeley, CA 94704
                (510) 548-6900

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                1. re: Armoise

                  Unfortunately, Angeline's is closed on Sundays.

                  1. re: Armoise

                    They've fixed that space up very nicely.