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Oct 12, 2006 06:10 PM

New Path for the beer board??

I am always on the lookout for new and exciting beers and figured other people are too. I think this board can be a great place for people to find out about new(to them beers) . Instead of just having people ask questions, i think it might be valuable for all of the people who visit this board to start posting reviews of new beers they try. I think this can be a great use of this board and a great way to share new finds with fellow beer snobs or newbies lurking from other chowhound boards. I just put a minireview of a new to me beer, Morimota Soba Ale by Rogue.

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        1. If you are serious about beer and want the reviews then go to beer advocate. Honestly, it is the best site for beer. While I love Chowhound for food reviews, I'll leave it to the Bros. for the beer. Just my 2 cents.

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            I already use that site. However what i was suggesting was not a comprehnsive list of all beers and there ratings. What i was suggesting was for those Chowhounders who love beer to review some of the things they love or new beers they find interesting. Just like chowhound review restaurants that i normally wouldnt find, it might do well for beers. I love BA, but since there are so many beers listed on the site, alot fall through the cracks.

            Reviews would make a good use out of this board for everyone, including those Chowhounds who are not that well versed in beer and possibly intimidated by the sheer number of beers listed on BA.

            1. re: MVNYC

              I suggest you post a few reviews and see if they generate replies. They do this over on Robin Garr's wine lover's site.

            2. re: Chrispy75

              One reason I don't post and rarely read the beer reviews on beer advocate anymore is because the judgements are so mathematized and formulaic, ie lists of things that it tastes like - clove, lemongrass etc.
              While I often think that noticing those kinds of flavors is a nice experience, it sounds forced to me when i read review after review that lists many flavors from the natural world.

              And I also enjoy chowhounders direct advice and comments/ recs to each other. There's a big diff. between rating every beer while you drink it (and compartmentalizing all the aspects of it) and finding something that you love and just wwanting to recommend it.

              As for a brief review- I had some shipyard export this weekend and it was great - milky. One of the best beers I've had in California that survived the trip from the east coast (and I drank much shipyard when i was in maine a couple months ago)

            3. Or Both are good sources for beer suggestions.