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South Indian in Baltimore?

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Is there a South Indian restaurant in Baltimore that serves dosai, iddly, vadai, etc?

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  1. I know of no south Indian restaurants in Baltimore, unfortunately. The closest ones I'm aware of are in the DC suburbs, on University Blvd. approaching Langley Park.

    1. Mango Grove in Columbia

      1. Dosai, Iddly no is possible in Baltimore. These crazy people never making. Only the buffet and red color tandoori eating.

        1. Udupi Palace in Langly Park is almost worth the drive. This weekend will be busy at Indian restaurants, it's Diwali tomorrow.

          1. Another vote for Mango Grove in Columbia for delicious vegetarian Indian food.

            1. Ate at Udupi Palace Saturday night early (and it wasn't terribly busy). They definitely had their star team cooking. Great dosais, fast service. The previous two trips the dosais were more average. I have to check out Mango Grove.