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Oct 12, 2006 05:34 PM

Homemade Yogurt Recipe [moved from General Topics]

Making it yourself isn't that big a deal, especially if you appreciate the difference. I can no longer find a store-bought yogurt that's better than my own – even Butterworks Farm, which has been my go-to brand for several years, can't measure up to my homemade (although it's a very good substitute!).

Yogurt makers are cheap – I have a Salton that does ± a quart at a time (don't bother with the ones that do individual pots) and cost about $20. I use a Canadian brand of powdered starter – Rolmex, @ $1.50 a packet (1 packet makes 1 quart). And I get my whole, raw milk fresh from a local farm ($2/gallon).

Plug in yogurt maker to preheat. Pour milk into pan, heat on stove to 180°F. Remove from heat, let cool to 112°. Stir in starter, pour into maker. Let stand to desired “doneness.” I like mine tart, so I let it go 8 - 10 hours. To get the consistency I like best, I strain the yogurt through 2 layers of cheesecloth for about 5 minutes, then dump it into a glass jar for storage. Once it's in the jar, I beat it with a whisk until it's perfectly smooth.

The inital prep takes about 5 minutes, hands on (allow 15 - 20 minutes for milk to cool). Then another 5 minutes to finish. It's worth every cent and every moment of my time.

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  1. Since I am assuming you live in Canada...where did you get your Salton yogurt maker? I have only seen the individual pot one's (had one too) and am not a big fan...

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      I just got a Salton last week from Amazon.

      OP, can you explain why you prefer to use the powdered starter to a little dab from your previous batch of yogurt?

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        I live in Vermont. I bought the Salton at my local (very excellent) kitchen supply – they also sell the Rolmex starter.

        As for the starter – I did several test batches, witih several methods/starters, and found the version made with the Rolmex starter most to my liking – tart, slightly sweet (the starter has a tiny bit of sucrose in it) and not at all lumpy.

      2. I've been making yogurt just by heating up milk, putting it in an unglazed clay bowl and mixing in a spoonful of yogurt. I cover it and wrap it to keep it warm and 24 hrs. later I have yogurt. Works great for me.