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Oct 12, 2006 05:25 PM

Tartine or Pork Store for Friday Breakfast?

I'm meeting a friend tomorrow for breakfast and had arranged to meet at the Pork Store. Then I saw some reviews on (gasp!) other sites, with mentions of "greasy hashbrowns", etc. and had second thoughts. Maybe Tartine would be better?

The closest I've been to Tartine is across the street on 18th to pick somebody up. Is it comfortable for two friends who like to linger and blab? Will it be very crowded even on a Friday at around 10:30 a.m.?

What are your impressions of the Pork Store recently?

We're going to Paxton Gate afterward (around 19th and Valencia) so it can't be a place too far away. We'd like to have to search for a parking spot only one time.

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  1. Tartine's would definitely be better than Pork Store. If you are looking for more breakfast-y options, I'd do the short walk to St. Francis, 24th and York.

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      Paxton Gate is over a mile from St. Francis. If you want an eggs/bacon/potatoes type of breakfast, Tartine is not the place. I would check Boogaloo's since it's pretty close to Paxton Gate (or call them and ask if they have tables open).

      Does Valencia Pizza & Pasta serve breakfast on Friday? 19th & Valencia.

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        They'll serve breakfast but they don't open until 11:00 on Friday. And a mile is a short walk for me. ;)

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          Yes, you are hale and hearty, but I'm thinking that if this person is parking in the area, that most likely entails feeding a meter. They don't want to repark, so walking a mile to St. Francis wouldn't work.

          I would note that parking very close to St. Francis on a Friday morning is normally no problem at all, and reparking close to Paxton Gate probably wouldn't be too bad either.

    2. Tartine would definitely be my choice too, and the line should be manageable on a Friday at 10:30am.

      1. With the nice weather we are having, if you can score one of the tables outside, you can linger at Tartine as long as you like. I don't really like sitting there inside for long since the frantic pace and noise never seems to subside. But 10:30 on a Friday has always yielded a table outside for me in the past.
        Another possibility would be Boogaloo's on Valencia at 22nd. I gererally refuse to wait in line on a weekend for it, but the breakfast is kind of the same ecclectic feel of the Pork Store.

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          I think Boogaloo gets slammed just as much as Pork Store.

        2. Depends on what you are looking for, the places are sort of Apples and Oranges. I go to the Pork Store all the time in the Haight (haven't been to the one on 16th). It's a good place for your standrad big american b'fast. The hash browns are not calories free, but imho, are really good and crispy. They have lots of egg and vegi scrambles etc.
          Tartine is your more upscale quiche and a brioche with a latte crowd. They have very good eats too.
          It really depends if you are in the mood for eggs benedict or a quiche.

          1. I eat at the Mission Pork Store all the time, as I live in that area. It's basically a diner; I wouldn't get too excited. They do have a TV at the counter, though.

            Tartine and Pork Store are totally different. If you're keen on an interesting meal, go to Tartine.

            I dunno about during the week, but on the weekends, Boogaloos gets MUCH more crowded than Pork Store. It's out of control. Food is bit better at Boogaloos than Pork Store, though.