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Oct 12, 2006 05:12 PM

Bread Bar in CC - any reports?

I have enjoyed three visits to the original Bread Bar location - good food with decent, if harried, service - and I have been awaiting the opening of the new Century City location. Now that is open, has anyone gone in and tried it? Anything good/bad to report?

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  1. We had a quick pre movie dinner there. The burger and the nicoise salad. Both were excellent. It was pretty empty, the service was quick and pleasant.

    1. My husband ate there yesterday and said the service was a clueless. He advises everyone to wait a week or two to let them get comfortable.

      1. I was there by coincidence the day they opened, and stopped in to check out the menu.

        The food on the tables looked great: fresh looking salads, nice smells coming from the kitchen.

        Service was a mess, however. There was only one cashier, and a line about ten deep of people who just wanted to buy a loaf of bread or a pastry. The one woman at the cashier was handling to go orders as well as checks for the seated customers. She looked completely frazzled, had trouble running credit cards, and was also in charge of putting pastry orders in bags and making sure enough bread was going out to the tables. So I definitely agree with JudiAU that the place needs a week or two to get into its groove.